Drone Racing – The Eight Common Track Elements

In every drone racing track, there are a number of the different moves the pilot has to do going from gate to gate, flag to flag, in order to finish a lap. To beginners, this may look like just going through gates randomly, but when the track is broken down, there are actually many simple elements combined to create a giant course. Captain Vanover has said in this video that by just practicing elements separately, you can become a much faster racer. No more excuses for the people that only have a few gates!


How to Crash like a Pro

Crashing is as big a part of FPV as flying and building, if not bigger. Each crash leads to improvement, and the bettering of your skills.  As Mark Twain said, “Name the greatest of all inventors.  Accident.”  To improve, you have to push your limit, try new tricks, and attempt to get even cooler and more risky shots.  As you push your limits, you will inevitably crash.

Ham Radio - Placeholder

Getting Your Ham Radio License

“Do I really need to get a Ham Radio license in order to fly FPV?” That question will inevitably go through every pilot’s mind at one point, and the simple answer is a big “YES!” A ham radio license is required in order to transmit on common FPV frequencies. I know, it may seem like a daunting task, requiring many hours of study and dedication, but getting licensed really isn’t as hard as it seems.