If you’re asking “What is an FPV racing drone?”, this is the place for you. As an FPV Beginner, the New to FPV page is the perfect location for any beginner FPV drone pilot to learn about the essential components that make up an FPV racing drone.

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QAV skitzo FPV Frame

A Beginner’s Guide to FPV

Welcome to the world of FPV Multirotors! If you’re here reading this, then something inspired you to do a little research into FPV multirotors as an FPV Beginner.  It can be a little intimidating when you are first starting out, but stick with it, the rewards far outweigh the challenges.  This series of articles is…


Lumenier mx2206 2450kv Motor

All About Multirotor Drone FPV Motors

FPV Drone Motor – A Driving Force! The selection of an electric FPV Drone Motor has an enormous influence on the flight characteristics of the multicopter. Tiny variations in the construction of a motor result in significant impacts regarding the weight, responsiveness and total power of the multicopter   Electromagnetism The key concept behind the…


Lumenier 1300mah Battery

All About Multirotor Drone Batteries

An FPV Drone Battery is the foundational component of a quadcopter and must be considerately selected to achieve an ideal balance between performance and flight time. Lithium batteries are the most common battery chemistry used to power quadcopters due to their high energy densities and high discharge capabilities. This article will discuss the differences between…