FPV drone on workbench with top off

Troubleshoot like a Pro

Opinions in our hobby can be divisive, but we all agree: FPV is complicated. It takes a lot of time, research and practice to get in the air—but that’s only the beginning. Once you’ve crashed, it can be just as difficult to figure out what’s not working. In this article we’ll cover some troubleshooting strategies…

DJI FPV Drone and Goggles over mirror

The DJI FPV System

DJI FPV is a new system from DJI that offers an immersive cinematic experience. With this new system, DJI has taken its expertise in image quality and user experience, and incorporated handling and acrobatic capabilities from hobbyist freestyle drones. The result is a video and camera platform that’s uniquely positioned in the market for filming action, and a drone that’s more fun to fly than any DJI drone that has come before it.