XILO Phreakstyle Slam 6S Freestyle Quadcopter RTF

XILO Phreakstyle Slam 6S Freestyle Quadcopter RTF

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XILO Phreakstyle Slam 6S Freestyle Quadcopter RTF
This is the XILO Phreakstyle Slam Freestyle Quadcopter RTF. Fully built, tuned and ready to fly out of the box. Simply add your own radio, battery, and bind the included receiver and go fly!

About this product

This is the XILO Phreakstyle Slam Freestyle Quadcopter RTF. Fully built, tuned and ready to fly out of the box. Simply add your own radio, battery, and bind the included receiver and go fly! This Phreakstyle RTF features XILO parts almost exclusively, giving you reliable gear that works together perfectly - and for an amazing value you can't beat!

Each RTF is hand-built, flown, and tuned individually to give you the best experience possible flying your drone. Our builders take pride in each and every RTF they make and you'll get a signed paper signifying who built and tested it! 

Maybe you just don't have time to build a quad from scratch or maybe you don't feel comfortable with all the specifics in setting up a drone. In any case, GetFPV's handbuilt RTF's will do the job - and more!

Want to try the Phreakstyle with the new DJI FPV System? We build that too!

Note: May or may NOT come with POPO.

About the Airframe

The Phreakstyle Quadcopter is XILO's take on the FPV freestyle airframe. The ultra-durable, easy to work on, carbon fiber airframe was built to take a beating. The Phreakstyle offers freestyle FPV pilots a frame with all the space and features you want - at an affordable price.

Whether you are flying in bandos or some proximity flying around trees - accidents happen. You want a quad that is easy to repair and won't cost an arm and a leg to fix. If you're looking for an awesome frame at a great price, then the XILO Phreakstyle is the quad for you!

Dual Mounting Options

We know every FPV pilot builds quads unique to their needs. The Phreakstyle fulfills that need by facilitating tons of flexibility in your build. It features dual electronics stack mounting options, with 20x20 and 30x30 support in both the middle and rear of the frame. The Slam version is the perfect time to utilize the dual mounting options since there isn't as much space to stack all the electronics in one spot. Install the FC and ESC in the middle, and put the VTX, RX, and buzzer in the rear.

Mount Your Battery How You Want

The XILO Phreakstyle frame allows for many different ways to mount your battery to your quad. It can be mounted in the standard location on the top plate utilizing the silicone no-slip battery pad in parallel with the plate, or alternatively use the dual strap slots in the top plate to mount it perpendicular to the top plate in "toilet bowl" style. Furthermore, you can also mount a battery below the frame if you'd like to get creative and take advantage of the battery strap slot between the arms. Going for some serious long-range? Mount a battery on top and bottom in parallel for an extended run time while still keeping a balanced quad!

Built To Last

The airframe features removable 4mm carbon fiber arms and 2.5mm thick top and bottom plates. Similar to the Phreak Racing Frame, the Phreakstyle arms are sandwiched between the bottom plate and 2.5mm battery plate giving you an incredible 9mm thick of carbon fiber at the center of the body. Each arm is secured in place with just 2 screws and steel press-fit nuts on the main plate. This allows fast and easy arm swaps by simply taking out 1 screw and loosening the other and pulling the arm out of the slot.

Each 4mm arm and plates are CNC milled out of a solid sheet of high-quality XILO carbon fiber. The outer weave of the carbon fiber runs 100% down each arm of the XILO Phreak (0/90 weave), maximizing the strength of the carbon and arms. The center layers are offset at 45 degrees providing even and balanced strength throughout the entire plate.

Protect The Expensive Stuff

This XILO Phreakystyle's side camera plates protrude from the nose of the frame, protecting your FPV camera in case of an impact. The kit also includes a set of molded rubber camera brackets for easy and secure mounting of your micro-sized FPV camera. No need to 3D print a set, these mounts are durable, semi-rigid, and work perfectly to hold your camera at any desired angle. The brackets can easily be moved up or down on the standoffs to hold the camera at the perfect height for your build.

The Phreak kit comes with high-quality anodized aluminum spacers. All screws are premium, black oxide steel. The spacers have a textured grip surface treatment, which facilitates holding of the spacers during assembly and servicing of the airframe. The spacers are 20mm tall giving a snug space for your electronics to be protected inside. A top-mounted silicone non-slip battery pad is included which makes an excellent platform for your LiPo battery and helps reduce the chances of a battery ejection during a crash.

This RTF has been fully built and test flown for you, so you can simply bind your radio and go! Our professional build team takes the guesswork out of building and tuning for you by pre-programming the flight controller settings and using only high-quality Lumenier motors, ESCs, and FPV gear.


  • RTF fully built and test flown by our technicians at our Florida facility
  • Pre-tuned with smooth freestyle settings
  • Full 3K carbon fiber "slammed" freestyle airframe with removable 4mm arms
  • Squashed-X configuration keeps props out of view
  • Dual 30.5x and 20x electronics mounting stacks
  • Powerful XILO motors (6S)
  • XILO Stax FC and ESC 6S stack
  • Built-in carbon fiber camera bumper guards
  • Motor guards on the end of the arms to protect the motor during a crash
  • Black Oxide steel screws
  • Easy-grip knurled black anodized spacers
  • Silicone non-slip battery pad


        • AUW: Phreakstyle Slam Freestyle Quadcopter RTF has an AUW of 340g (excluding battery)

        RTF Included Components and Parts

        A fully built and tested XILO Phreakstyle Slam FPV Freestyle Quadcopter

        Additional Suggested Parts (not included in the RTF)

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