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Thomas Panaiva ('Tomz') is a world-class FPV drone pilot. He works with some of the top brands in the world including Red Bull, doing extreme sports videos. Tomz earned his status in the community with his skillful and unique flying style. Here is a short message from Lumenier Pilot Tomz.

"I am from Nice, France. I have been flying FPV for many years now. Why do I love flying? Because when I do, I feel free, and my imagination is the only limit! I love freestyling, playing with trees and buildings... Crazy tricks or moves can quickly turn into an obsession until I'm happy with the result! I can literally spend the whole day or kill all my quads trying "that quick flip into this tight gap" haha! I'm also having fun racing with friends... :) I generally fly one or two times a week and then all weekend. When I'm not flying, I'm rebuilding my quad, haha. I also like to spend some times editing videos and watching daily FPV videos on YouTube, listening to music, hang out with friends!

InstagramFacebookYoutube, and Airvuz.