GetFPV Loyalty Program


What is GetFPV's Crash Cash Program?

GetFPV offers loyalty reward points in the form of "Crash Cash". You can use Crash Cash as a form as payment during checkout. This reward program is available only to customers who have an account with us. If you already have an account, you will automatically be included in the rewards program. If you do not have an account with us, please sign-up in order to be eligible to participate. In addition to the rewards program, you will be able to participate in various loyalty programs that will allow you to receive special offers.

How much is each Crash Cash "point" worth?

Earning Rules

  • Spend $2 to earn one Crash Cash "point".

Spending Rules

  • One point equals $0.06 (6 cents).

Conversion Percentage

  • Earn 3% cashback. Spend $100, earn $3, it's that easy!
  • In other words, $1 = $0.03 or 3%

When will I receive my Crash Cash?
Your Crash Cash will appear in your account immediately after your first purchase order has successfully been completed and shipped, not upon payment. You can view your Crash Cash balance on the left side of your account dashboard.
When can I redeem my Crash Cash?
GetFPV allows you to redeem your Crash Cash after any purchase with us, even if it was your very first. At check-out, on the left side, you will see the “My Crash Cash” tab, where you can redeem as little as $1.00, so no need to spend a large amount of money to be able to use your Cash! If your Crash Cash doesn't fully cover the cost of your purchase, you can pay the remaining cost with a payment method of choice.
Can I use my Crash Cash with another coupon code?
Yes! At check-out we allow you to apply your rewards alongside any valid discount code from our site. In the final checkout step, simply apply the valid coupon code in the field blank and select “My Crash Cash” to apply your points alongside your coupon.
How much do I need to spend in order to get Crash Cash?
GetFPV allows you to earn Crash Cash for every purchase you make, no matter how small. Even if you spend $5 or $500, you are rewarded! 
When does my Crash Cash expire?
GetFPV gives you a total of 90 days to redeem your Crash Cash. This won't wipe any subsequent Crash Cash you earned as long as they were earned within the 90-day window.
Can I earn Crash Cash by referring a friend?
You can! You can refer a friend by going to My Crash Cash tab and scroll down to the “Refer A Friend” section, where you will be able to send your friend/s a referral code via e-mail, text or social media. Once they make an account using the referral code given, you will earn 50% of the points earned by your friend for a total of 6 time (in addition to any normal earning by yourself!) Your friend (the referral) will earn points as normal for themselves. GetFPV allows you to refer as many friends as you like!  
Can I use my points on any item I want?

There are certain exclusions to using your Crash Cash. You may not earn points from purchasing certain products such as gift cards, although you may still purchase them with your Crash Cash. Certain products from manufacturers may have different earning and spending rules. Currently, all DJI products have a reduced (2% vs 6%) point conversion compared to normal spending rules. (Simply put, your Crash Cash is worth 2 cents per point versus 6 cents per point when buying DJI products)

Do wholesale accounts still qualify for the Crash Cash Program?

At this time, only general customer accounts qualify to use our Crash Cash program. You must be logged in to a registered general customer account to access the loyalty program. Educational accounts, dealer accounts, and other wholesale/commercial accounts will not earn Crash Cash or be able to redeem Crash Cash.


Terms are subject to change. The consumer is not guaranteed a reward payout. Certain items are excluded from points earning. Crash Cash reward points may change in value at any time.

Products excluded from points earning.

  • Gift Cards

Orders excluded from earning Crash Cash

  • Orders that redeem/use Crash Cash are not eligible to earn additional Crash Cash on that order.

Reduced Spending Conversion

  • DJI Products (2%)