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GetFPV carries many of the best FPV Planes available today. These FPV planes have been designed specifically to fly with a camera onboard to pilot remotely with FPV. FPV Planes introduce an entirely new style of flying and is something any FPV enthusiast needs to experience at least once. FPV Plane flight times are normally a lot longer than an FPV Quadcopter, and the range is greatly increased due to the added efficiency of a wing. There is nothing quite like the feeling of flying FPV with a RC plane, and we suggest everyone gives it a try!

Wings FPV Simulator

Need to practice flying FPV Airplanes on a simulator? Fly the Wings FPV Simulator!

Wings is a next generation RC flight simulator. Gently soaring through the clouds, skimming treetops or keeping it low to the ground while going like a bat out of hell, Wings lets you experience the thrills of model airplane flying without the fear of crashing and having to fix and repair. You can fly solo or you can be joined in the sky with up to 15 of your friends. Perhaps you enjoy free flying or is competitive multiplayer racing more your thing? Doesn't matter if you prefer line of sight or FPV. Wings has it all. Wings is the perfect training tool for learning to fly or to enhance your racing skills.

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MATEKSYS H743-SLIM V3 Flight Controller
MATEKSYS AP Periph CAN Node - CAN-L431
MATEKSYS H743-MINI V3 Flight Controller
Holybro Remote ID Module - No Case
Hex The Cube Orange + Standard Set ADS-B (IMU V8)
V-Good RC 32-Bit 120A 2-8S Brushless ESC for RC Airplane
V-Good RC 32-Bit 60A 2-6S Brushless ESC for RC Airplane
ZOHD Talon GT Rebel MKII Metal Gear Servo
SonicModell  AR. Wing Pro High-Quality Pre-Balanced 8x5 Propeller
MATEKSYS Hall Effect Current Sensor - 150A
Botgrinder Grinderino Freestyle Frame - 3.5"
MATEKSYS F405-WMN Flight Controller
MATEKSYS ExpressLRS 2.4GHz Receiver - PWM ELRS-R24-P6
ZOHD Drift FPV Glider 877mm Wingspan Airplane 30A w/ 5V 2A BEC ESC
ZOHD DART XL Extreme 9g Digital Metal Gear Servo (MKII)
Holybro DroneCAN RM3100 Professional Grade Compass
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Holybro M10 Standard GPS w/ 10-Pin Cable
MATEKSYS H743-WLITE Flight Controller
ZOHD VC400-CP AIO 5.8GHz 400mW Camera System for FPV RC Airplane
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ZOHD Lionpack 18650 2S1P 3500mAh 7.4V Li-ion Battery
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