FPV Backpacks and Traveling With Your Gear

Breaking your gear while using it can be frustrating, but breaking it before you use it can be even worse. Chances are, you’ve flown in places besides your yard, or even brought your miniquad and FPV gear on a trip-but how much did you think about how you were going to pack it all up? This article will explain all about how to pick and pack a backpack, how to protect your FPV gear, and some other transportation tips.

Parallel Charging-Placeholder

How to Parallel Charge

Apparently there are two definitive groups of people in this hobby; those who parallel charge and those who don’t (or should I say won’t?).  Since I got involved with drones in 2012 I have heard both sides of the argument and with this article want to outline why I am in the parallel camp and how to parallel charge safely. 


Intro to OpenTX Companion

In this article, you will be learning how to set up your OpenTX compatible radio using the OpenTX companion computer application, and some of its capabilities. I want to be able to address people with different radios, so most of this article will be related to using OpenTX Companion, because it works identically across many radios, while the UI system differs greatly between manufacturers. I will be using Windows 10, but it should all apply similarly to Mac and Linux. Note: a radio, transmitter, and “controller” are all the same thing, just different names.