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Ultimate Battery Charger + Power Supply Bundle

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Ultimate Battery Charger + Power Supply Bundle
The Ultimate Battery Charger + Power Supply Bundle lets you choose the perfect combo for your needs. Pair a top of the line power supply with any of these popular battery chargers. You save 5% when you bundle!
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Choosing the best battery charger for your needs can be tricky. GetFPV has assembled a bundle of the most popular chargers and power supplies that work seamlessly together, ensuring you'll have a great charging experience.

We've broken it into 3 categories to choose from: Power supply, Battery Charger, and Parallel board accessories.

The power supply is a critical component of your charger. Many chargers do not have a built-in AC power inverter, meaning you will have to supply an outside power source to be able to charge your batteries. GetFPV offers high-quality power supplies that offer consistent and reliable power. Our most popular power supply offers 400w of power, equal to 16.7A at 24V. This will allow you to charge multiple batteries at the same time at max power. 

Equally important is the battery charger itself. This unit will monitor your battery's voltage, and safely charge each cell to full capacity. Choosing which charger is best for you depends on how much power you need to charge. If you're charging just 1 or 2 batteries at a time, the ToolkitRC M6 V2 will do great. If you wish to charge multiple batteries at once via parallel charging then we suggest you go with a more powerful ISDT Q8 BattGo 500W 20A, or the ISDT P30 1500W 50A for the ultimate power requirements!

Finally, parallel charging is a popular way to charge multiple batteries at the same time with a single charger. This requires that you match the same cell count batteries, as well as matching voltages when parallel charging. For example, you have 3 1300mah 4s batteries that you need to charge. Each battery is currently at 3.7V per cell, so you can parallel charge all 3 together in this case. If two batteries were at 3.7V per cell and the third battery was at 4.0V per cell, then you would only charge the two 3.7V batteries together. The new Lumenier ParaGuard Balance Boards are the top pick for a safe and rock-solid choice for your balance board.

We suggest watching Joshua Bardwell's video on Parallel Charging Batteries.

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