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  • Real screen captures from the live HD FPV feed. Real screen captures from the live HD FPV feed.
  • Real screen captures from the live HD FPV feed. Real screen captures from the live HD FPV feed.
  • Real screen captures from the live HD FPV feed. Real screen captures from the live HD FPV feed.
  • Real screen captures from the live HD FPV feed. Real screen captures from the live HD FPV feed.

The CONNEX ProSight HD Vision Kit

Quick Overview

The CONNEX™ ProSight™ HD FPV Vision Kit for Drone Racing features digital, delay-free HD FPV. Note: The Vision kit is now sold in separate parts, CONNEX ProSight HD Video Receiver, CONNEX ProSight HD Transmitter, CONNEX ProSight HD Camera.

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Note: The Vision kit is now sold in separate parts, CONNEX ProSight HD Video ReceiverCONNEX ProSight HD TransmitterCONNEX ProSight HD Camera.

Introducing the CONNEX™ ProSight™ HD FPV Vision Kit for Drone Racing featuring digital, HD FPV.

Have you ever wished you could fly real-time FPV in High Definition with a mini FPV racer? Of course you have. GetFPV is happy to announce that this dream will soon be a reality. GetFPV will be among the first to have this new technology available to the public!

CONNEX™ is changing the game in FPV racing. Connex will take FPV drone racing to a new era. Despite its fast growing popularity, FPV drone racing has been dogged by some technical challenges limiting wider spread adoption.

Connex addresses those head-on with mind-blowing realism and accuracy in video transmission and vision. Think analog to digital TV. Dial-up to fiber optic. That's what we're talking about. The sport will never be the same. 

Note: The Connex ProSight system is a non-returnable item once it has been opened.

Connex Prosight Stats

Connex Prosight Features


  • 720p30 HD Camera, with high-dynamic range sensor and 2.8mm lens
  • Receiver Unit outputs standard 720p60 over HDMI for reducing motion blur
  • Compatible with all popular HDMI based Goggles/Monitors
  • Digitally paired transmitter to receiver for crosstalk-free flight
  • Supported LOS range of 1000ft to 3000ft (300m to 1000m) varies with field conditions
  • Advanced frequency setup for multi-pilots: Automatic & Manual modes, supporting 27 digital channels (FCC)
  • System configuration via Bluetooth using Android/iOS app or through built-in on-screen display menu
  • Advanced High Definition spectator viewing mode
  • Camera to HDMI receiver-out maximum latency of 26mS 

Specifications (Transmitter)

  • Dimensions: 70x36.5x7.2mm
  • Weight: 32gr
  • Input voltage: 8v – 16v (supports 2S to 4S)
  • Power Connector: 4 Pins
  • Power Consumption: 4.1W
  • Antenna Connector: 2 External MMCX Connectors
  • Video Interface: MIPI
  • SW Upgrade: Micro USB
  • Product  Configuration: Mobile App over Bluetooth

Specifications (Receiver)

  • Dimensions: 75x115x17mm
  • Weight: 134gr
  • Input voltage: 8v – 26v (supports 2S to 6S)
  • Power Connector: DC Jack
  • Power Consumption: 3.5W
  • Antenna Connector: 5 SMA Connectors
  • Video Interface: HDMI (Type A)
  • SW Upgrade: Micro USB
  • Product  Configuration: Mobile App over Bluetooth

Specifications (Camera)

  • Dimensions: 28x20x27mm
  • Weight: 13gr
  • Input voltage: 5v  from Transmitter
  • Power Connector: MIPI
  • Power Consumption: 1W
  • Antenna Connector: N/A
  • Video Interface: MIPI
  • SW Upgrade: Through Transmitter
  • Product  Configuration: Via On-Screen Display


  • Connex Pro Sight Video Receiver
  • Connex Pro Sight Video Transmitter
  • Connex Pro Sight Camera
  • All necessary cabling



Note: The Connex ProSight system is a non-returnable item once it has been opened.

Additional Information

SKU 5006
Manufacturer Amimon
  1. Read Before You Buy review by JT on 4/4/2017

    Do not let the title scare you. The Connex Pro Sight HD system is incredible....IF....

    First of all, the system is quite large and will not easily fit in most frames. It can be done but will require a skilled builder for a clean, neat install. Be prepared to re-tune your quad if you simply removed your analog system from your existing copter and replaced it with the Pro Sight. The system is quite heavy and the flight characteristics my quad took some getting use too after install. The large VTX and huge whale tail antenna have an effect on flight. It's not a detriment but it did make my 225mm quad a little sluggish. I do not see this as a practical race application.

    I make this next statement after much testing, tweaking and adjusting......

    If you plan to purchase this system and use it with your Dominators, or any other goggle DO NOT waste your money. This system absolutely SHINES but only if used with a goggle or head box that has a native resolution of at least 720p. I fly the Pro Sight with my Headplay HD's (1080p native resolution) and I swear its like watching a movie on blue ray disc on my flat screen. When I plug the system into my HD3's I'm incredibly disappointed in the video quality. The Dominator HD3 does not have a native high definition native resolution; I'm not really aware of any FPV goggle that does. I can achieve the same result with a properly adjusted analog system that the Pro Sight provided through a set of standard goggles....HIGH DEFINITION DISPLAY IS A MUST IF YOU PLAN ON PURCHASING THESE AND EXPECT HD QUALITY FOOTAGE. I have thoroughly tested the system with standard goggles and a head box and speak from experience.

    Additionally...be prepared to lug a lot of additional stuff to the field with you. I've tried mounting the video receiver on my radio using the included bracket but did not like the extra weight of the receiver and LiPo required to run the thing, not to mention the five antennas that are sticking up. I've found that mounting the receiver on one of my 9' photography stands provides EXCELLENT range. The built in OSD is pretty handy too. It will tax your battery a little harder than the standard analog system will.

    Side note: If you own a set of Headplay HD's and want to improve the image quality by 1000% simply remove the lens and use it without. You'll be amazed at how much sharper the image gets when not viewing it through a magnifying glass. It will be especially helpful to you guys flying analog. No need to purchase a set of fancy RHO lenses.

    Final thoughts: The Connex Pro Sight is by far the nicest FPV experience you will ever have! Remember...you will be sorely disappointed if you expect blue ray quality image this system can deliver and not using a viewer with TRUE high definition resolution. I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend the system to anyone who is ready to fork out hundreds to experience a truly immersive HD experience.

  2. I really love the system! review by Markitos FPV on 1/4/2017

    I'm sure many are thinking the Connex Prosight system is expensive, and if its really worth the money. I was about 2 months thinking over and over if I should buy the system. Finally I decided to give it a try and it has been the best thing I've done! Here is a video comparing analog system vs connex in High quality and High Performance plus. https://youtu.be/q4Za2DjRyqc
    Or search Markitos FPV in youtube.

    At first when I got the connex there was only High Quality and High performance modes for the connex. After a recent update they introduced a new mode called High Performance plus wich does require a new 1.4mm lense.
    The difference between each mode, High quality is the best Video clarity but does have a latency wich really does not work for racing. Then theres High performance where the latency is just like analog but video performance is reduced alot. Then there is the new high performance plus mode, basically the same video image as HQ mode but with the low latency of HP mode.

    This is achieved by actually reducing the image size the CMOS sensor captures and using a very wide angle 1.4mm lense. Aside from the image quality the best part of the connex is the signal. You get a clear clean image all the time. Keep in mind digital signal does not work like analog. With connex once you go out of range you basically loose all image but you do have a signal bar warning you and running out of signal is very hard.

    Yes the VTX is big so it wont fit all frames. There are multiple options regarding HD ready frames. In my case I went ahead with a Sigan Drones Stretched X due to the modular pod design. Despite the frame looks thin this thing is hard. I have hit multiple concrete walls and have only craked a side pod plate.

  3. To Jerry review by Adam on 10/21/2016

    Jerry, nothing works like ear plugs. Replace factory dampers with ear plugs (the ones that are made of foam). Make a mount with two old credit cards or similar drill a hole at each corner much smaller than the ear plug and pull the plugs through at the corners. I have never had this system fail me. Good luck.

  4. mostly happy with the purchase review by Jerry on 9/2/2016

    Love this new system, the only negative comment I would state is that there is some jello affect. Got better when I installed the rubber dampers, that is a must. Hope someone can advise me on how to eliminate this problem. Other than that, the system is perfect.

    (Hello Jerry - Thank you for your review! If you're still having jello with the included dampeners, you may want to check with other owners of this system on RCGroups to see if they've come up with an alternate camera mounting method.)

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