RC Camera Control (RCCC) V2

RC Camera Control (RCCC) V2

RC Camera Control (RCCC) V2
A 3 in 1, 3-way Video switch, RC Shutter, and high current switch for FPV and Aerial Photography!

About this product

RCCC has following features:

  • 3 Channel RC Video Switch (switch one of 3 video inputs to video output)
  • High current LED switch output (Strobe and Headlights)
  • RC Camera shutter control (Focus, Shutter and GoPro mode)
  • LiPo battery low voltage alarm
  • 2 Channel mirroring from sum PPM stream for Pan/Tilt
  • Sum PPM or 3 PWM input control from RC receiver

It is small 23mm x 40mm (including connectors) board weighting approximately 8g with cable that combines 3 devices: Camera shutter, Video switch and High current switch. It is controlled with sum PPM or regular servo signals from RC receiver.

You can use 3 source video switch for example to switch between flight camera, GoPro camera and back view camera in your FPV plane or multicopter.

You can use high current (up to 2A) switch to control LED stobe and Headlight (1W...10W) LEDs and also have low battery warning indicated on Headlight LED's.

Shutter is compatible with GoPro HERO1 and HERO2, all C3 plug and 2.5mm plug Canon cameras, Nikon cameras and also many other cameras that have shutter connector.
I have tested GoPro HERO2, Canon 5D, Canon 600D, Nikon D5000.
(Shutter function with GoPro camera operates as On/Off switch. You must set GoPro to One Button mode to start recording when turned On)

You can use Shutter controll to turn ON GoPro camera while in flight to record only needed footage and turn OFF before landing.
GoPro HERO 3 Silver and Black can be turned ON but not OFF. I have heard that White can also be turned OFF (not tested).

User Guide

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