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Radios for FPV and Racing Drones

  • Orqa Goggles $549
  • ZOHD Planes and Wings

GetFPV.com carries the drone radio gear that you need! All of the FPV radios, transmitters, receivers and accessories we carry work well with popular models. Our antennas provide sharp and brisk signals to the drone making flying a breeze, latency-free. Our drone receivers and transmitters provide the quickest response and are created with flexibility in mind. We have a variety of different controllers available. Find the one that best fits your drone today!

Learn "All About Multirotor Drone Radio Transmitters and Receivers at our /Learn page"

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  1. Ethix Transmitter Bag V2

    Ethix Transmitter Bag V2

    Designed specifically to protect your Taranis (or any similar size) radio and take up as little room in your bag as possible.
  2. Ethix Neck Strap

    Ethix Neck Strap

    Designed to be the best all around neck strap on the market, period. Not too long, not too short, the right buckle, not too fancy. Comfortable, easy to use. in the distinctive Ethix green.

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2 Item(s)