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  • QAV250 version 1.1 QAV250 version 1.1
  • Shown fully built with flight electronics, Version 1 with the old style main body. Shown fully built with flight electronics, Version 1 with the old style main body.

QAV250 Mini FPV Quadcopter v1.1 - Carbon Fiber Edition

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Quick Overview

This is the carbon fiber QAV250 airframe v1.1, which is a small yet fully FPV capable mini quad.

Regular Price: $129.99

Special Price $99.99


The Lumenier QAV250 Mini FPV Quadcopter Carbon Fiber Edition airframe has all the features of the standard QAV250 plus the added benefits of carbon fiber. The pure 3K carbon fiber material gives the airframe incredible strength while at the same time reducing the overall weight. The entire assembled kit weighs in at only 129g. The QAV250 is a symmetric 250mm size airframe that accommodates 5" props. The 250mm is measured motor shaft to motor shaft diagonally.

The new v1.1 updates the 3mm carbon fiber unibody to give it maximum strength. The arms now have more carbon and smaller holes giving them extra strength. Also the point where the arm meets the body has been significantly beefed up. The new v1.1 design can handle the harsh impacts a high speed 250 racer takes.

The airframe is designed to support a 3s-4s lipo setup and powerful Lumenier RX2206-13 2000kv, RX1806-14 2300kv or RX2206-11 2350kv motors.


  • Full 3K Carbon Fiber airframe featuring a solid 3mm thick "Unibody" main plate.
  • Multiple motor mounting holes to fit a variety of motors.
  • "Bumpers" on the end of the arms to protect the motor during a crash
  • Flight controller cover plate includes cutouts for SMA connectors and adapters for the video transmitter.
  • Integrated power distribution board for ESCs and FPV flight electronics
  • 2 integrated LED strips (white and red) to aid LOS orientation
  • Easy Lipo Access (suggested Lipo is a Lumenier 3s 1300mah)
  • Support for 32mm board cams as well as cams in cases with mounting bracket
  • Support for HD camera (such as the Mobius)
  • Integrated and included Landing Gear reminiscent of the QAV500 CF Landing Gear


  • Airframe: 129g (with PDB, LED boards, landing gear and hardware)
  • AUW: The QAV250 carbon fiber edition is flown with an AUW of around 500g (includes all flight electronics, FPV gear and Mobius HD camera).

Vibration Free Video

Like all QAV airframes, the QAV250 produces vibration and jello free HD recordings. We achieve this vibration free performance without the use of Lumenier's clean/dirty frame separation that is utilized in larger QAV airframes such as the QAV400, QAV500, and QAV540G. This simplifies the small QAV250 airframe, making it lighter, reduces parts count, and failure points.


  • 1x QAV250 v1.1 carbon fiber airframe, board camera mount, and hardware
  • 1x Power distribution board
  • 2x LED boards (1 red, 1 white)
  • 1x set of aluminum landing gear and vinyl feet
  • 5" Anti-Vibration neoprene tape
  • 1x Lumenier lipo strap

Suggested Build Parts

Build Manual (same as standard version)

The QAV250 build manual can be found here.

As seen on Tested:


Additional Information

SKU 1906
Manufacturer Lumenier
  1. Great Frame! review by Joseph on 11/25/2016

    Great Frame, good construction! Only complaint is that the battery can slam into the FC if crash. Easy to build and everything is compact into payload.

  2. landing legs review by Don on 9/20/2016

    The bolts provided with the frame are too short, a few crashes and the bolts strip, The frame itself is great ,I bought hovership mini quad landing gear for this but they are way too big bugga

  3. Awesome frame! review by Jason on 12/27/2015

    Been flying with this frame for a month or so now. I have crashed almost every way possible. This frame has withstood cement, tree's, branches, and mail box's. Even rolled it 20 times in the AMA field by my house! Frame still flies and still looks durable! Other than my pilot skills this frame is smooth!

  4. Most Excellent review by MrMenacingTurtle on 7/9/2015

    This is my first real quad (or any RC aircraft) and I love it. It's a little more pricy compared to some other frames, but worth it. True carbon fiber that comes in pristine condition. Frame is light, strong, durable, can carry a decent load (that's what she said), and survive some tough crashes. This requires a little soldering work to get started, so know that before purchasing.

  5. It's simply just perfect. review by Aose on 4/26/2015

    I looked everywhere, I waited, and I finally decided that unanimously this was the best frame for me. I wanted something that was full carbon fiber, refreshingly light, high quality parts, and something with more than a bit of eye appeal.

    I opened my box, it was insanely simple to assemble. There assembly tips/warnings were very concise and to the point. The hardware fits right and fits tight, no need for screw glue or anything similar.

    My only regret is I don't have enough cash on hand to build an army of these featherweight things haha.

  6. Top notch 250mm frame review by Scott on 4/8/2015

    Yes, $150 is a lot for a 250mm frame.

    However, the build quality, the design, the availability of spare parts, and the accessories make this frame a winner.

    My Pros and Cons for the frame:

    - Build quality is fantastic, everything is machined and cut extremely well. It all fits together perfectly.
    - The layout was thought out. The PDB under the frame keeps all the escs and motor wires tucked away nicely, helping keep the build clean. The rest of the frame also has lots of places to mount gear and places to use Velcro straps. The top plate also has an sma mounting hole. The LEDs on the front and back are nice too.
    - Spare parts are available and the frame is simple enough that you don't need a thousand different parts to build it.
    - Accessories. The carrying case, angled motor mounts, vibration dampening camera plates, and aeroguard are all really nice upgrades to the frame.
    - Lightweight. At 122 grams, it is a very light frame. My build comes in right around 500g including fpv gear, a mobius, and a 1300mAh 3s battery.

    - Battery location could be better. If you are using the recommended 1300mAh 3s battery mounted behind the flight controller, the center of gravity is pretty good if you are mounting your fpv gear and a mobius up front. However, if you are using a heavier battery, the quad will be tail heavy. You can mount the battery on top of the frame, but the top plate doesn't extend all the way to the rear of the quad. This means that if you mount the battery on top, you are now blocking the sma mounting hole. Also, if the battery is mounted behind the flight controller, I could see it sliding forward in a crash and causing damage.
    - Uni-body design. If you break an arm with a Blackout Mini-H, it will cost you $11 to replace. This is cheap enough that you could carry a spare arm around with you when you fly. It would also be pretty easy to replace the arm, just slip the new arm in and remount the motor. With the QAV250, if you break an arm, it will cost you $55. You will also have to completely rebuild the quad and remount everything.

    Overall you really can't go wrong with the QAV250, anyone from a beginner to a hardcore fpv racer (watch some of Charpu's videos) would enjoy this frame.

  7. Awesome build quality, tough as old boots review by David on 9/24/2014

    This little beast is now my favourite 'bird'. The quality of the provided parts is 2nd-to-none, the CF frame is really beautiful, and very very strong. The attention to detail is apparent as soon as you hold it in your hands - such as the cutouts at the front allowing the supplied LED board to fit flush against the frame when you've soldered your wires on.

    I just need you guys to build a mini hex now !

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