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Menace FPV Goggle Antenna Pack 5.8Ghz Polarised (RHCP)

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Menace FPV Goggle Antenna Pack 5.8Ghz Polarised (RHCP)
Welcome to your perfect companion combo for receiving… The Menace FPV Goggle Pack Antenna is a one purchase simple solution to get you the best performance of proven antennas.

The Menace FPV Goggle Pack Antennas includes our smallest patch along with our tallest Omni antennas to get you the best experience in FPV straight out of the box.

Take the guesswork out of selecting your goggle receiving antenna’s and use this proven combination of patch and Omni over the head matched pair.

If you starting out or looking to upgrade your FPV setup then the Goggle Pack is for you.

Pico Patch
The PICOpatch antenna is our smallest receiving patch that is big in performance.


  • Frequency Range: 5645 – 5945 Mhz
  • Gain: 9.4 dBi
  • Beam Width: 61° at -3db points
  • (Check polar plot comparison invader actual angular db)
  • Left or Right Hand Circular Polarised (LHCP or RHCP)
  • SMA Connector (Fits Fatshark Goggles)
  • Dimensions: 37.0mm x 33.6mm x 19.2mm
  • Weight: 10 gramsPeriscope Omni
  • The Periscope Antenna gets the active part of the antenna above your head for a clearer signal for not only flying behind yourself but in all directions.
  • Specification:
  • Center frequency 5.8 GHz
  • Frequency Range: 5550 – 6050 MHz
  • Matching S11 < -20dB, VSWR <1.22
  • Gain: 1.09dB with efficiency: 92%
  • Axial Ratio <1.3
  • Beamwidth: 360 degrees
  • Left or Right Hand Circular Polarised ( LHCP or RHCP)
  • SMA 90 Degree Connector
  • Height: 138mm
  • Weight: 14gramsPackage Contents


  • 1 x Pico Patch Antenna
  • 1 x Periscope Omni Antenna
  • 2 x SMA finger spinners
Additional Information
SKU 14080
Manufacturer Menace RC
UPC (GTIN) 3768748620856
Antenna Connector SMA
Antenna Frequency 5.8GHz
Polarization RHCP