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iFlight Titan DC2 2.3" 4S CineWhoop (w/ DJI FPV Air Unit) - BNF

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iFlight Titan DC2 2.3" 4S CineWhoop (w/ DJI FPV Air Unit) - BNF

The new micro Titan DC2 2.3" CineWhoop by iFlight features the amazing new DJI FPV System, which provides amazing visual 720p video clarity! 

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The new micro Titan DC2 2.3" CineWhoop by iFlight features the amazing new DJI FPV System, which provides amazing visual 720p video clarity! The Titan DC2 HD BNF is equipped with iFlight's SucceX-A F4 40A AIO and iFlight's popular XING 1404 4S Motors.

All you need to do is just bind-and-fly!

Note: The DJI Remote Controller is recommended for beginners but NOT required to use the FPV System, since you won't need to set up another receiver. If you don't have the DJI Remote Controller, you will need a receiver for your transmitter. and then bind to your own radio as usual.


  • Less than 250grams with a 4S 450mAh battery! (Battery not included)
  • No props or frame in view!
  • Low Resonance frame construction (less jello, more cinematic footage!)
  • DJI FPV Air Unit 720p 120fps FPV feed (records in 1080p/60fps)
  • Butter smooth XING1404 motors
  • Ducted prop guards protect the sensitive environment and yourself!
  • Pre-tuned with smooth freestyle settings


  • SucceX-A F4/40A BLHeli_32 true AIO board
  • Motor: XING NANO 1404 4600KV
  • Wheelbase: 122mm
  • Bottom plate thickness: 3mm
  • Top plate thickness: 2mm
  • Top and bottom plate spacing: 25mm (aluminum column height 25mm)
  • Ducted propeller size: 2.3 inch
  • Maximum propeller size without ducts: 2.5 inch (or 65mm props)
  • FC pattern: 20*20mm,30.5*30.5mm
  • FPV cam spacing: 19mm
  • Weight: 165g (without battery)
  • Flight time: 5-6 min cruising

SucceX-A F4 AIO FC

  • MCU: 168MHz STM32F405
  • Gyro:MPU6000
  • Blackbox:8MB
  • OSD Chip: NO (Analog OSD not available)
  • OSD Betaflight: YES (Digital DJI Air Unit pass-through)
  • BEC: 5V 2.5A (3A MAX) / 10V 2.5A (3A MAX)
  • Voltage sensor scale: 110
  • Current sensor scale: 100
  • Inverter for SBUS input (UART2-RX)
  • Beeper pad: Yes
  • RSSI input pad: No
  • UARTs:5
  • Motor outputs: 4
  • 8 pin for DJI air unit port (10V,GND,T1,R1,GND,R2I,T2,5V)
  • BLHeli32 Telemetry:RX4
  • Input voltage:recommended 2-6S
  • Firmware: IFLIGHT_F405_AIO
  • Mounting pattern: 30.5*30.5mm φ4mm with Grommets φ3mm
  • Dimensions: 40.5*43mm
  • Weight: 11.4g
  • USB: Type-C

SucceX 40A 2-6S ESC


  • 6 layers double-sided PCB board
  • 2oz 1.6mm thick power board
  • 32bit STM32F051 MCU, 48kHz maximum clock speed
  • TDK MLCC Low ESR ceramic capacitors
  • Top grade TPN2R304PL MOSFET


  • MCU: STM32F051
  • Up to 48kHz PWM frequency
  • Capacitance: 484uF
  • Current Sensor: Yes
  • Input: 2-6S LIPO
  • Constant: 40A / Burst: 50A
  • BlHeli32 telemetry: Yes
  • BEC: No
  • Supports up to Dshot1200, Proshot, Oneshot, Multishot
  • Target: iFlight-BL32-4IN1
  • Mounting pattern: 30.5*30.5mm/Φ3mm
  • Dimensions: 43*39mm (including the power pads)

Factory Setup and Wiring Diagram

Reflashed your drone but didn't back up the setup? Messed up the whole tune and want our factory tune back?
No need to worry! All Factory Dumps and Wiring Diagrams can be found HERE.


Prebuilt and tested Quadcopter

  • 1 x TITAN DC2 HD Frame
  • 1 x DJI Digital HD FPV Air Unit (FPV Camera + Air Unit Module)
  • 1 x TPU Bracket for DJI Air Unit Module
  • 1 x TPU Antenna holder for DJI antenna
  • 2 x TPU camera side plate soft mount
  • 2 x 2327-3 / HQ 65mm-3 (Set of 4 - Color May Vary)
  • 1 x iFlight Lipo Strap
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