iFlight Defender 25 2.5" Sub250 Drone HD w/ DJI O3 - 4S

iFlight Defender 25 2.5" Sub250 Drone HD w/ DJI O3 - 4S

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iFlight Defender 25 2.5" Sub250 Drone HD w/ DJI O3 - 4S
 The iFlight Defender 25 is a 4S 2.5" Sub250 Drone featuring the DJI O3 FPV Air Unit. 

About this product

 The iFlight Defender 25 is a 4S 2.5" Sub250 Drone featuring the DJI O3 FPV Air Unit. After 2 years with the very successful ProTek series, iFlight continues to strive for a better flying experience and performance with the next upcoming innovative step. Let’s meet the Defender 25!

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  • TBS Crossfire
  • ELRS 2.4GHz

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VIDEO: Defender 25 | Fly Bold


  • Optimized Landing Gear for Take-Off in Complex Environments
  • Built-in High-Performance video and Receiver Antennas
  • 4K Stabilized Video with 155° Ultra-Wide Angle
  • Crash-Protected Quick-Release Battery
  • Countless Easy-to-Use Features
  • Ultralight and Free to Fly
  • Small and Mighty


At sub 249g weight, the Defender25 doesn't require registration in most countries. The compact and lightweight design also make it easy to carry and store. It will be your best travel buddy to redefine your FPV adventure.


The built-in 2.5-inch propeller guards were designed to fly boldly. You’ll experience an entirely new creative freedom to fly whenever and wherever. The durable injection molded frame prevents damage to your motors or propellers and protects the environment from minor flight errors.


Equipped with the latest tech from DJI - the DJI O3 Air Unit HD transmission system. The Defender25 supports 4K video and shoots up to 155°super-wide FOV footage for stunning visuals. In addition, D-Cinelike color mode provides more creative freedom for color grading, allowing you to edit and adjust your footage. iFlight has also added a special vibration-damped camera mount to keep your raw footage as smooth as possible, as well as ensuring good Gyro Data for the in-built or in-post camera stabilization.


The new innovative quick-release battery and charging adapter make everything as easy as it can be. The Defender25 comes with a stock 4S 550mAh. An Endurance 900mAh battery is optional.


  • Propellers with positioning column for easy installation
  • Mini camera mount (Naked GoPro, Insta360, etc.)
  • Secured XT30 Battery Plug with Anti-Spark Filter
  • All ports and buttons are easy to access
  • Motors with direction arrows
  • Turtle Mode pre-setup


This RTF is fully built and test-flown by build technicians at iFlight


  • Max Hover Time: Approx. 6 mins(with 550mAh battery), 10mins(with 900mAh battery)
  • Transmission Power (EIRP): FCC: < 33 dBm / CE: < 14 dBm / SRRC: < 30 dBm
  • Operating Temperature Range: -10° to 40° C (14° to 104° F)
  • Max Descent Speed: 6 m/s (Normal Mode, Sport Mode)
  • Max Ascent Speed: 6 m/s (Normal Mode, Sport Mode)
  • Max Wind Speed Resistance: 80 Km/H (Level 5)
  • Propellers: Defender25 2525 props (2.5 inches)
  • Takeoff Weight incl. 550mAh battery: ≤249g
  • Takeoff Weight incl. 900mAh battery: ≤280g
  • Dimensions (L×W×H):158x155x69mm
  • Product Name: Defender25 O3 4S HD
  • Max Speed: 100Km/H (Manual Mode)
  • Flight Electronics: BLITZ D25 F7 AIO
  • Video Transmission: DJI O3 Air Unit
  • Maximum Takeoff Altitude: 200 m
  • Max Flight Distance: 2-3 km
  • Weight of the Aircraft: 180g
  • Antennas: Dual Antennas
  • Motor: Defender25 1404
  • Frame: 112±2mm
  • GNSS: N/A


  • Removal of the heat sink eliminates weight but may cause overheating of the unit. Please be cautious when flying and once your battery is connected, fly immediately. The airflow will keep the unit cool.)
  • Naked vista has been activated and upgraded to the latest version, in order to avoid damage caused by upgrade failure, eliminating the need to upgrade again.
  • Please make sure to install the propeller screws due to high-speed flights.
  • When you install the propeller guard please use the proper screw size.

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  • 1x iFlight Defender 25 2.5" Sub250 Drone HD w/ DJI O3 - 4S (Pre-Built, Tuned, and Tested - Choose Receiver)
  • 2x Flight Defender 2525 Propellers (Set of 4)
  • 1x Flight Defender 2S Battery - 550mAh
  • 1x Charging Adapter Board

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