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GEPRC Crown 3" CW3 CineWhoop Frame Kit

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GEPRC Crown 3" CW3 CineWhoop Frame Kit

This CW3 frame kit is for the GEPRC 3' Crown Cinewhoop! Full assembly required.

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This CW3 frame kit is for the GEPRC 3' Crown CinewhoopFull assembly required.

The GEPRC Crown Cinewhoop features the Remarkable HD & Analog FPV systems that make flying truly breathtaking. After a lot of time testing and continuous optimization by the GEPRC team, the latest Cinewhoop GEPRC Crown has been launched. GEPRC Crown has two versions: Vista HD & Analog. All pilots can choose flexibly.

We have collected a large number of data of Cinewhoop Quadcopter and found one thing in common. which is noise level. In this regard, we have done a good noise reduction optimization and optimization design for GEPRC Crown. Eventually, the outcome effect is very ideal. Another great feature of the GEPRC Crown is that propeller's sound is very quiet. In the fuselage design, through Structure Optimization Design of the entire frame, we decided to adopt CNC aluminum parts as lens mounts. This makes the whole appearance more beautiful and durable. The separate bottom plate with injection molding guard plus EVA protection Damping sponge makes the Quadcopter more robust and protects against crashes.

GEPRC Crown can be equipped with a GoPro6/7/8/9 motion camera! Combined with its 3D printing mount with shock absorption effect, the GEPRC Crown can make a wonderful and stable aerial video. The flight system uses 30.5mm * 30.5mm hole pitch 45A ESC + GEPRC Span F722 HD flight control. It has a good heat dissipation effect in the narrow fuselage. The flight time of GEPRC Crown with GoPro camera is 6-7 minutes. If GEPRC Crown is without a GoPro camera the flight time is 8-10 minutes.

Note: Frame kit only. Assembly required. Electronics, propellers, camera, and battery are not included.

VIDEO: GEPRC Crown HD Cinewhoop - the best yet?


  • Suitable for indoor flight and aerial photography in crowded environments to protect the safety of others.
  • EVA protection guards provide a better protective function to the entire quadcopter in case of a crash.
  • The flight time with a GoPro camera is 6-7 minutes. Without a camera, the flight time is 8-10 minutes.
  • A large air inlet and small air outlet create an efficient air flight time.
  • Compatible with GoPro lite and GoPro6/7/8/9.
  • CNC aluminum alloy camera mount design.
  • Redesigned CINEWHOOP frame.
  • No propellers in view.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Easy control.

Low noise optimization
The Cinelog Whoop Quadcopter increases the air inlet volume with EVA foam cushioning, and reduces the airflow resistance in order to create extremely low flight noise and greater reduction of noise from external vibrations.

Perfectly Compatible with most GoPro cameras
Compatible with GoPro lite and GoPro6/7/8/9

EVA foam cushioning
With an integrated EVA design, the overall shape looks more coordinated with better strength.


    • The hole size of Motor 9mm ( Compatible with 1408/1507/1805.5/2004Motor)
    • The hole size of FC:30.5*30.5mm & 20*20mm
    • Thickness of Bottom Plate: 2mm
    • Dimensions: 200x200x10mm
    • Thickness of Top Plate:2mm
    • Thickness of Arms: 2mm
    • Camera size: 19~20mm
    • Motor to Motor: 156mm
    • Internal diameter: 3inch
    • Weight: 136.2 Grams
    • Propellers: 3inch
    • Item: GEP-CW3
    • Brand: GEPRC

    Recommended (Not Included)


    • 2x Aluminum splints of the camera (Left & Right)
    • 12x Aluminum column (M2*3.5*26mm)
    • 2x Aluminum column (M2*4*26mm)
    • 4x Cinewhoop Guards (Left & Right)
    • 2x (M25*250mm) Battery Straps
    • 4x (M2*5mm) Nylon Column
    • 1x 3D print mount of Antenna
    • 2x (M2mm) Nylon Washers
    • 4x 3D print Landing cushion
    • 2x Cinewhoop Arms 2mm
    • 4x (M3mm) Nylon Nuts
    • 22x (M2*8mm) Screws
    • 16x (M2*6mm) Screws
    • 14x (M2*5mm) Screws
    • 4x (M3*20mm) Screws
    • 4x (M2*25mm) Screws
    • 2x Damping EVA Ring
    • 4x (M2*6mm) Screws
    • 4x (M2*4mm) Screws
    • 1x Bottom plate 2mm
    • 12x (M2孔) Washers
    • 8x (M2) Nylon Nuts
    • 2x Antenna Tubes
    • 1x Top plate 2mm
    • 1x Battery pad
    • 4x (M2) Nuts
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    Manufacturer GEPRC
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