EMAX NanoHawk 1S Micro FPV RTF Bundle w/ BETAFPV LiteRadio 2 + EMAX Transporter Goggles

EMAX NanoHawk 1S Micro FPV RTF Bundle w/ BETAFPV LiteRadio 2 + EMAX Transporter Goggles

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EMAX NanoHawk 1S Micro FPV RTF Bundle w/ BETAFPV LiteRadio 2 + EMAX Transporter Goggles
Our EMAX NanoHawk RTF Bundle is the best way to get into FPV! The quality products in this bundle have been handpicked and pre-bound together by our team to give you the best micro experience.

About this product

In an effort to push the boundaries of miniaturizing the FPV experience, EMAX took to the drawing board to design the smallest quadcopter possible in their history. Introducing the Nanohawk, a nano-sized FPV drone designed to offer an immersive flight experience on a new scale.

Weighing in at just 20 grams, the Nanohawk offers unmatched control and flight recovery, giving the pilot full control of the aircraft for any maneuver. Designed from the ground up is a modern frame design optimized for a unique mix of polycarbonate in order to offer maximum durability.

Debuting with the Nanohawk is the new Avia Series of propellers, redefining aerial performance with new design goals. With the Avia Nanohawk propeller, maximum thrust is achieved while maintaining an optimized throttle curve throughout the motor's performance, giving pilots better control than previously achieved with unique flight characteristics unparalleled with propellers in its class.

The Nanohawk offers an all-new nano-scaled experience to FPV drones, pushing the boundaries further of what is possible.

We've included everything you need to fly FPV in this bundle. The drone, FPV goggles, and radio are all in this package, so you don't have to worry about anything being the wrong size or not being compatible! 

Note: Each combo has been pre-bound together with the included radio, guaranteed to fly perfect out of the box! Just charge your batteries and go.


  • Featuring all-new 0802 19000kv motors with new Avia NanoHawk 31mm propellers, we are able to get a powerful, yet smooth drone while still retaining flight time.
  • Uses guards specifically instead of ducts to take advantage of better flight characteristics and less drag created by ducts while using the carbon fiber main frame to retain rigidity and strength.
  • Utilizing the new lightweight, high-current power connector, the GNB27, with a new 300mAh wide 1S battery cell for maximum current throughput.
  • Standard on the NanoHawk platform is the Runcam Nano 3 which brings a premium FPV feed at an extremely low weight.
  • At a weight of 20 grams dry without battery, this is the lightest weight quadcopter EMAX has ever produced.
  • Newly designed All-In-One flight controller with 25mW video transmitter.


                EMAX NanoHawk RTF

                • 4 in one 5A ESC SPI RX receiver(Compatible with Frsky remote control D8/D16 mode
                • Maximum size of the aircraft (without antenna, cable tie): 87×87×30(mm)
                • VTX: 25mW Adjustable frequency 37CH. Support SmartAudio.
                • Ham radio license required for use in North America.
                • Main Flight Controller: F4(MATEKF411RX firmware)
                • Diagonal wheelbase: (without paddles) 65mm
                • Propeller: Avia Nanohawk 1201-4 Propeller
                • Battery: 1 Cell 300mAh HV lipo battery
                • Aircraft weight (without battery): 19g
                • Camera: RunCam Nano 3 Camera
                • Motor: TH0802II 19000KV

                BETAFPV LiteRadio 2 SE Radio Transmitter

                • Support BETAFPV Simulator Connected / Customized LiteRadio System / Joystick Calibration
                • NOTE - FrSky protocols are on ACCST V1. ACCST V2 receivers will need to be re-flashed.
                • Support Protocol: Bayang / Futaba S-FHSS / Frsky D16 FCC/ Frsky D16 LBT/ Frsky D8
                • LED Light: Green-Power On / Red-Warning / Blue-Normal
                • Frequency Range: 2.4G (2403MHz-2447MHz)
                • Support USB Charging / Firmware Update
                • Battery: Built-in 1000mAh 1S Battery
                • 2.4G System: NRF24L01 or CC2500
                • Adapted Drone Type: Multirotor
                • Charging Connector: Type-C
                • Item: LiteRadio 2 SE
                • Power: ≤100mw
                • Color: White
                • Channel: 8

                EMAX Transporter 5.8Ghz FPV Goggles

                • Dimensions: 140×153×90mm (5.5x6x3.5 inches)
                • Weight: 398g (with antennas, without battery)
                • Lens: Variable Focusing Diopter - 3X Zoom
                • Frequency: 5.8Ghz with Raceband
                • Battery: 3.7V (4.2V) 1800mAh 
                • Screen Resolution: 480x272
                • Charger: USB 5V 1.5A
                • Display: 4.3"


                No Air Shipping

                Please note that shipping regulations have recently changed for batteries. We are no longer able to ship lithium polymer batteries via any Air shipping method. This includes all international destinations outside the USA. In the USA, you will only be presented with ground-based shipping options if your order contains a lipo battery. If you need to receive your order quickly and would like to ship with one-day or two-day shipping options, consider splitting your order into an order of only batteries (shipping ground) and everything else.

                Due to IATA shipping regulations, batteries shipping AIR must have a charge of less than 30%. A lithium polymer battery that stays in this state for long periods of time will become damaged. For this reason, GetFPV does not ship batteries using Air shipping.

                If you want to ship batteries via air shipping, you can set up an account through our freight forwarding partner MyUS.com. Follow the instructions on their website to learn more.


                Only use a Lithium battery charger. Always monitor the battery while charging. Always store the battery in a safe, nonflammable container. Never overcharge or over-discharge the battery. Never damage, puncture, short circuit, or modify the battery. Never use a damaged Lithium battery.

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