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Lumenier 1500mAh 3s 45c Lipo Battery


Lumenier 1500mAh 4s 80c 15.2V High Voltage Lipo Battery

Lumenier 1300mAh 4s 80c 15.2V High Voltage Lipo Battery

Quick Overview

The Lumenier High Voltage series of lipo batteries provide a little extra voltage to give you more power.
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The Lumenier High Voltage series of LiPo batteries hold a higher voltage charge per cell, which results in more potential power for your aircraft. Each cell can be safely charged to 4.35v per cell, up from the standard 4.2v per cell.

The Lumenier batteries are compact and lightweight, maximizing your power to weight ratio. Each battery comes wrapped in a black protective shrink with foam padding on the end guarding the discharge and balance cables. The High Voltage series of batteries include a standard XT-60 connector with a protective vinyl cover.

Lumenier High Voltage Batteries

What is a High Voltage LiPo Battery?

The Lumenier High Voltage batteries are designed to hold a voltage of 4.35v per cell instead of the standard 4.2v per cell. The addition of this extra voltage from a full battery gives you more power for your aircraft. Please note that you need a compatible LiHV battery charger that is capable of charging the battery up to 4.35v per cell like the EV-Peak A1 or EV-Peak R1.


Length Width Height


91 mm


34 mm


 25 mm




80c - Burst 160c

Additional Information

SKU 4751
Manufacturer Lumenier
Discharge Plug XT-60
Voltage / Cell Count 15.2 Volt (4 Cell HV)
Battery Capacity (mAh) 1300
C-Rating 80
  1. Questionable durability review by Chet on 8/8/2016

    I'm not sure what to think about these batteries. When they were new I could definitely feel the extra punch these had over regular 60C lipos. However, not that I have been using them for a couple months all 4 are puffed and have worse performance than my regular lipos. I didn't fly these any harder than my regular lipos. I have regular lipos with 4X as many uses that don't show any puffing. I never discharge below 3.4 volts/cell.

    My setup isn't crazy. 2205 2300kv motors, 5x4x3 props. I would consider that the standard miniquad setup right now. I don't do crazy punchouts. I limit them to less than 5 seconds.

    Amazing performance when new, but then they puff and are some of the worst batteries in my collection. I'm now trying LiHV from other brands to compare. Maybe LiHV isn't a mature chemistry yet and still has some bugs to be worked out?

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