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Xhover Vanover 5" Racing Frame

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Xhover Vanover 5" Racing Frame
A super light racing frame, designed for one of the fastest drone pilots in the world, Alex Vanover.
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All of us here at Xhover are very proud to release the new Vanover Frame, a frame we specifically designed for Team Pilot Alex Vanover. Now what to incorporate into a frame for one of the fastest FPV Pilots in the world? Well first, we made the frame very light. This contributes to making the Vanover easier to tune, helping it lock in around corners and adding to a serious top end speed.


Design is a key factor for speed, equipment placement, and usability. This frame has plenty of room for a 20x20 stack, this extra space allows for an easy and clean build. The soft mounts with M3 holes help with vibrations and protect the stack in the event of a crash. Having the ability to change out the arms quickly in racing environments gives the pilots more time to plan strategy for the next round. By isolating the standoffs so they are not a structural factor to the arms, this allows for a fast and easy replacement of any arm when time is critical.


In the end, it is the little things that make a big difference when racing. The Vanover has stout 5mm arms that can take a solid hit and continue on. There is a three-hole motor mounting design for quick and easy replacement, notches in the arms for routing the motor wires underneath the frame for protection and aesthetics.

Alex sums up the Vanover Frame like this

“the frame is super enjoyable to fly and very durable”.


  • 20x20 Soft mount M3 holes 
  • 5MM Arms 
  • Plenty of room for a nice clean build 
  • 3-hole motor design


  • 4x Arms 5mm Chamfered 
  • 1x Top Plate 2mm Chamfered 
  • 1x Main Plate 2mm Chamfered 
  • 5x FC Soft mounts for Main Plate 
  • 1x Bottom plate 1.5mm 
  • 1x 3D printed Micro Cam mount Fits RunCam Micro and Foxeer Micro 
  • 1x High-Quality Steel Hardware 
  • 4x 28mm Standoffs 
  • 1x Battery Pad 
  • 1x Battery Strap 
  • 6x Press nuts Pre-installed on the main plate
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Manufacturer XHover
UPC (GTIN) 721248875327
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