Xhover POPO® Quick Swap XH2207-2500KV CINEMATIC Motor

Xhover POPO® Quick Swap XH2207-2500KV CINEMATIC Motor

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Xhover POPO® Quick Swap XH2207-2500KV CINEMATIC Motor
Building on Xhover's past experience, designs, testing, and expertise the new Xhover POPO® Quick Swap XH2207-2500KV Cinematic motor is possibly one of the best motors on the market for the 600-gram size quad.

About this product

Building on Xhover's past experience, designs, testing, and expertise the new Xhover POPO® Quick Swap XH2207-2500KV Cinematic motor is possibly one of the best motors on the market for the 600-gram size quad. The motor is designed to be durable and solid while still delivering enough power and performance to make any pilot grin.

The Cinematic motor is no exception to Xhover's reputation for quality parts. Starting with the finest solid steel shaft that is locked into place by high quality Japanese NMB bearings, allowing for a smooth and unrestrictive rotation. To encourage thata faster rotation, Xhover uses high-quality magnets which are surrounded by a high-temperature resistant windings. What does this mean for you? The Cinematic motor can be pushed to the limit without the risk of overheating. Solid construction and quality materials make this motor a beast.

The 2500kv is the perfect match for this 2207 size motor and will deliver enough muscle to satisfy even the most power hungry pilot. In addition to that, one of the side benefits of quality workmanship of this motor is the smooth throttle response and flight performance. If you shoot flight videos for YouTube, you will quickly notice that your footage needs less and less stabilization in post.


POPO® ("Pop On, Pop Off") is a new propeller quick swap system from Lumenier that enables mounting props to brushless drone motors in seconds with the push of a button.

POPO® eliminates the need for a prop nut and wrench to attach propellers to motors.  A full set of 4 props can be removed and replaced in about 20 seconds without tools. This provides convenience in the field, as well as speed and simplicity under race day pressure.

The ability to quickly remove and reattach a full set of props is a key safety feature for drone enthusiast that are frequently repairing and tuning their drones.  POPO® prevents cuts from sharp propeller blades since there is no longer a need to hold the motor / prop so firmly while tightening a nut.

The POPO® system prevents prop slippage which is a common error for new pilots who accidentally forget to tighten their lock nuts enough. The system fastens props into place with an audible click.  No guesswork on tightening the lock nut.

Importantly, POPO® is also fully backwards compatible and supports any existing propellers on the market today. Simply push on a standard prop and secure with a lock nut as normal. This enables drone pilots to continue to utilize their current props while migrating to a POPO® compatible motor or propeller. Likewise, POPO® compatible propellers can be used on regular motors without issue.  

POPO® is an industry initiative and compatible motors and propellers will soon be available from the world's top brands.  Manufacturers such as T-Motor, Emax, Lumenier and more will soon offer new POPO® compatible motors. Additionally, leading propeller companies like HQ and Gemfan are already working on compatible propellers, which will be released in the near future.

"At a race, time is of the essence and being able to change props quickly is important. 
The POPO system helps racing pilots stay on task and out of the pits. "

Drone Pilot - Paul Nurkkala


POPO® implements an elegant push button quick release mechanism in the established 5mm prop shaft. Props that are compatible can use the mechanism as well as be mounted on non-POPO compatible motors, allowing pilots to easily mix and match. The system does not get in the way of mounting non-POPO compatible props, which are mounted with a conventional lock-nut and wrench, just like it works on any other motor today.

To mount a POPO® compatible prop, you place the prop onto the shaft, press the button, lower the prop onto the motor, release the button and then slowly turn the propeller while pushing the prop onto the motor.  Pilots hear an audible click when the button pops out, indicating its ready for flight.


  • KV: 2500
  • Weight: 30g
  • Wire Length: 150mm
  • Motor Bolt Pattern: 16x16


  • 1x Xhover POPO® Quick Swap XH2207-2500KV Motor
  • 1x Low Profile Lock Nut (CW) for non-POPO motors
  • 4x M3x8 Button head screws

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