Tiger 28x9.2 Carbon Fiber Three-Blade Prop (pair)

Tiger 28x9.2 Carbon Fiber Three-Blade Prop (pair)

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Tiger 28x9.2 Carbon Fiber Three-Blade Prop (pair)
Premium grade, carbon fiber propellers. Matched pair of one CW and one CCW three-blade propeller from T-Motor.

About this product

The 28x9.2" Tiger Motor Carbon Fiber prop is the pinnacle of performance prop design. Made for heavy-lift professional machines. Precise manufacturing is used in the making of the T-Motor three-blade series (26", 27", 28" and 29" propellers). It provides more thrust, high efficiency, and stability, yet reduces the size of the flying platform compared to the diameter of a two-blade propeller of the same thrust.

Top of the line T-Motor Carbon Fiber Prop (6pcs, 2 sets) - 28 x 9.2

  • Designed for use in professional grade multirotors.
  • Made with 100% carbon fiber material
  • Ultra light and strong

The outer circle of the bottom plate of the adapter is makred signs for locking and unlocking for users to distinguish and operate. The CCW propeller's adapter is marked with white circles around the thread to distinguish between cw and ccw. The adapters are marked A, B, and C in accordamce with the assembling order. Make sure to assemble in the correct order to ensure stable flight. 


The three-blade propeller series for T-Motor is compatible with T-Motor U8, U10, U10 Plus, and U11 motors. 


  • x1 CW three-blade carbon fiber propeller
  • x1 CCW three-blade carbon fiber propeller
  • x2 propeller adapters
  • x2 felt propeller cases

More Information

SKU 4017
Manufacturer Tiger Motors
Popo Compatible No
Prop Length 28"
UPC (GTIN) 652118484205
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