SonicModell Binary 1200mm Wingspan EPO Twin Motor FPV Plane Kit

SonicModell Binary 1200mm Wingspan EPO Twin Motor FPV Plane Kit

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SonicModell Binary 1200mm Wingspan EPO Twin Motor FPV Plane Kit
The SonicModell Binary 1200mm wingspan FPV plane comes with a detachable wing and wingtip, as well as two skids for hand launch grip and landing. Includes spacious equipment bay for more FPV gear.

About this product

We all love twin-engine planes, don’t we? They look cool in the sky, sound great and “if one engine fails, we have more chances to make it home than with a single-engine aircraft”. This is the first time that SonicModell releases a plane based on requirements from the commercial private sector and government organizations to the hobby community.

That’s right, Binary wasn’t born for just the FPV enthusiasts, but for the people that fly every day UAVs for a living. Many of those organizations were flying several types of airframes (usually extremely large) and approached SonicModell with a list of requirements for a plane, that can not only be used for their missions but also to train new pilots. They needed something easier to carry, fully featured, and with lower risk in case of a crash. Yes, huge, heavy birds they do their job, but in the words of some of the pro pilots: “We do a lot of our missions over urban terrain… if an 8Kg UAV will hit your head while your walking to work, your day will be ruined… Having said that, we cannot compromise performance and features. They all should be there”.Having that in mind and for the lapse of one year, we created several prototypes, until we got the perfect balance in every area without compromises. As we’re writing this, Binary has been adopted as a quick deployment UAV by 4 different government organizations, 3 private companies (Mapping, Security survey and Sea life watch). According to their records, in total, Binary has more than 375 successful missions (with no planes lost so far), hundreds of hours of training for rookie pilots and has been proven in the hardest conditions.

Now it’s time to release her to the FPV community.


  • Brand Name: Sonicmodell
  • Item Name: Binary
  • Material: High-Quality EPO
  • Wingspan: 1200mm (47.24")
  • Length: 953mm (37.52")
  • Flying speed: 30-110+km/h

Specialized Binary Parts From SonicModell (sold separately)

Other Recommended Parts

  • Battery: 4S 3000-5400mAh
  • Radio System: 2.4Ghz 6-8CH
  • FPV Camera
  • Video Transmitter
  • GPS


  • Powerful twin-motor configuration, specially designed for long range FPV with huge payload capabilities.
  • Carefully considered detachable system for the main wing, easy to assemble in just a few minutes.
  • Removable motor and ESC hatch for easy maintenance and part replacement.
  • Ailerons, flaps and elevator with built-in carbon fiber rods for extra reinforcement.
  • Multi-camera nose mounts to accommodate virtually ANY FPV / HD camera in the market.
  • Extra flexible belly mapping camera bay, with great DIY possibilities. Ideal for survey and dual-camera setups.
  • Tons of room inside the fuselage for more FPV gear and bigger batteries, reinforced by carbon fiber strips along the fuselage.
  • Clean and clever internal design will let you decide exactly where you want to place your gear for minimum interference.
  • Modular designed landing gear, easy to attach and detach, makes takeoff and landings much easier.
  • CG bumps under the main wing.
  • Optional DUSK lighting system, with 3-position PMW control: OFF / NAV lights / NAV lights + Landing lights.
  • High-impact plastic protection in case you don’t want to use a landing gear.
  • Detachable clear front canopy for better aerodynamics.
  • Fully functional pre-molded flaps.


This SonicModell Binary Kit includes all EPO parts / hardware / carbon fiber tubes, SEA RESCUE stickers, and belly protection. But it does NOT including landing gear, LED light system, power combo, mapping camera dock. Buy them separately or in the Binary Combo Bundle.


  • 1x Sonicmodell Binary 1200mm Wingspan EPO Twin Motor Multirole FPV Platform KIT


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