RushFPV RUSH BLADE Power Filter Board

RushFPV RUSH BLADE Power Filter Board

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RushFPV RUSH BLADE Power Filter Board
The new filtering solution for FPV hobby, it has the perfect filtering effort on high frequency interference generated by ESC.

About this product

The RUSH BLADE Power Filter Board by RUSHFPV was created to help the RUSH BLADES ESCs achieve complete filtering due to its compact structure and high power. Excessive voltage peaks can cause interference to other components. Current surges generated during crashes can also have a strong impact on the MOSFET's and the power supply and can cause damage.

The RUSH PFB is small in size and can be installed at the tail of the ESC as a supplementary device for the filter. It is equipped with two 35V 330uF high-speed solid capacitors, and the parallel ESR is very low 5 m0 (TEST FREQ @10KHz)! It has a good filtering effect on high-frequency interference generated by ESC.

There are 3 high-power TVS diodes on board, which can cut voltage peaks at ns speeds, and absorb high-voltage surges caused by collisions of the propeller during a crash in time to protect the field-effect tube and other components from the surge. We recommend installing it in a high-power 6S brushless system.



  • 1 x TVS Board
  • 2 x Ultra Low ESR Solid Capacitor
  • 3 x High Power TVS Diode

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