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QAV-R Carbon Fiber X Bottom Brace

Quick Overview

A QAV-R Carbon Fiber X Bottom Brace kit.
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The QAV-R Carbon Fiber X Bottom Brace acts has a cover plate for the bottom of your QAV-R. This 2mm solid carbon fiber plate adds extra rigidity and strength to the section where the arms attach to the main body plate. The brace comes with a set of longer screws to account for the addition 2mm plate.


  • X Bottom Brace: 5g


  • 1x QAV-R 2mm Carbon Fiber X Bottom Brace
  • 12x M3x12 black oxide steel screws

"Lumenier", "QAV-R" and "QAV" are registered trademarks of FPV Manuals LLC DBA Lumenier. Patents Pending.

Additional Information

SKU 4383
Manufacturer Lumenier
  1. Great product review by Felipe on 5/31/2017

    Makes the frame a lot more rigid and will definitely protect your rig from tearing up your base plate, trust me it works and you cant even feel the extra weight you will however see the strength it offers when you have that big crash and your quad is still intact..at the base anyway..

  2. More screws review by Tomas on 7/25/2016

    Good support that should be included in the kit.

    There should also be more spare screws, especially since that length is not included in your spare screw set.

  3. Good Add On, Good Price review by retrodog on 6/13/2016

    I installed on my QAV-RXL recently and really like this addition. It makes the frame seem rock solid. It should come with the frame though, instead of being an option. The holes match up perfectly, and the longer screws to compensate are nice. They should add longer screws with their motors to compensate for the 4mm thick arms that are becoming more and more common now.

    "Hello Greg, Thank you for your review! We do include 6mm motor screws with the QAV-R frames for motor mounting. Our motors ship with 5mm screws that can be used with 3mm thick frames like the QAV-210." -Blake M.

  4. Good Add On, Good Price review by Greg on 6/10/2016

    This is a smart add. Just installed it last night on a new RXL build. It will definitely help to protect the base plate in an area that is critical and subjected to most of the impact stress. I would have preferred a standard square design though, since the cutouts to make the X shape likely weaken it just a bit. Conversely, they might allow for more flexing so it might be an acceptable tradeoff. In any case, I wouldn't think twice about adding this to your R quad. And if you don't and you break your base plate, you'll just kick yourself for months.

  5. Good brace support review by Devin on 4/27/2016

    This bottom brace is excellent support for the qav-r frame! My first crash with the frame I broke the base plate because I didn't have this brace. Although its great and affordable, for the premium price of the qav-r frame this should have been included in the frame kit.

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