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Mini Quadcopter Frames for FPV and Racing Drones

GetFPV carries all sizes of airframes. Whether you are building a 2" micro rocket, a 3" mini that can keep with up with big boys, or an industry standard 5", GetFPV has multirotor frames from the most popular brands at the lowest price.

Frames are generally sized in inches based on the diameter of the propeller they are designed for. Each size of frame has its own characteristics and requirements for proper use. Changing the size of your frame is one of the biggest changes you can do to alter the behavior of the drone.

Want to go more in depth about all the details? Check out our new All About Multirotor Drone FPV Frames page.

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  1. Budget FPV Quad Bundled Kit

    Budget FPV Quad Bundled Kit

    This kit is setup so that you’ll be able to get into FPV with the smallest budget available to you; without needing all the knowledge of knowing which parts and components are compatible with each other.

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