MATEKSYS H743-MINI Flight Controller

MATEKSYS H743-MINI Flight Controller

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MATEKSYS H743-MINI Flight Controller
Matek H743-MINI Flight Controller features STM32H743VIT6, ICM20602 & MPU6000, DPS310, OSD, 5.5x UARTs, 2x I2C, 1x CAN, 11x PWM outputs, BEC5V and BEC8V.

About this product

Matek H743-MINI Flight Controller features STM32H743VIT6, ICM20602 & MPU6000, DPS310, OSD, 5.5x UARTs, 2x I2C, 1x CAN, 11x PWM outputs, BEC5V and BEC8V.


  • MCU: STM32H743VIT6, 480MHz , 1MB RAM, 2MB Flash
  • IMU: MPU6000 (SPI1) & ICM20602 (SPI4)
  • Baro: Infineon DPS310 (I2C2)
  • OSD: AT7456E (SPI2)
  • Blackbox: MicroSD card socket (SDIO)
  • 5.5x Uarts (1,2,4,6,7, Rx8)
  • 11x PWM outputs(S1~S10, LED)
  • 2x I2C (I2C1/DA1 CL1 pads, no I2C2 breakout)
  • 1x CAN (C-H, C-L pads)
  • 5x ADC (VBAT, Current, RSSI, VB2, CU2)
  • 3x LEDs for FC STATUS (Blue, Red) and 3.3V indicator(Red)
  • 1x JST-SH1.0_8pin connector (Vbat/G/Curr/Rx8/S1/S2/S3/S4)
  • Dual Camera Inputs switch
  • 8V power ON/OFF switch


  • Vbat Input: 6.3~36V (2~8S LiPo)
  • BEC: 5V 1.5A cont. (Max.2A)
  • BEC: 8V 1.5A cont. (Max.2A), 8V outputs stable when Vbat>=10V, 8V outputs 80% of Vbat when Vbat< 10V
  • LDO 3.3V: 200mA
  • VB2 pad supports Max. 69V (voltage divider 1K:20K)
  • Static power: 200mA@5V with Betaflight, 150mA@5V with ArduPilot

FC Firmware

  • ArduPilot(ChiBiOS): MATEKH743
  • BetaFlight: MATEKH743
  • INAV: MATEKH743 (To be supported soon)


  • Mounting
    • 20 x 20mm/Φ3mm with Silicon Grommets
    • 20 x 20mm/Φ2mm with Silicon & Brass Grommets
  • Dimensions: 36 x 28 x 6.5mm
  • Weight: 7g


  • 1 x H743-MINI
  • 6 x Silicon grommets M4 to M3
  • 6 x Brass grommets M3 to M2
  • 1 x JST-SH1.0_8pin cable, 5cm
  • 2 x JST-SH1.0_8pin connectors

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