Lumenier N2O 1500mAh 4S 120c LiPo Battery (XT-60) - 3 Pack Bundle

Lumenier N2O 1500mAh 4S 120c LiPo Battery (XT-60) - 3 Pack Bundle


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Lumenier N2O 1500mAh 4S 120c LiPo Battery (XT-60) - 3 Pack Bundle
The Lumenier N2O 1500mAh 4s 120c Lipo Battery now comes in a 3-Pack Bundle! The N2O series features Polycrystalline Super Nanotubes technology to bring you the highest-performing batteries for your racing drones.

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Lumenier N2O 1500mAh 4S 120c LiPo Battery (XT-60) - 3 Pack Bundle


About this product

Lumenier's most popular batteries are now available in Lumenier Battery Bundles! Save yourself a few clicks (and a few dollars) when you purchase this battery in our new 3-Pack option! Be sure to keep enough power to last you all day by storing multiple charged batteries when you are on the go. Get ready to fly... and let the FPV fun begin!


The Lumenier N2O series of LiPo batteries push the limits of batteries by utilizing new high power cell technology. With the addition of Polycrystalline Super Nanotubes, the battery has improved attributes such as higher energy density, lower internal resistance, higher discharge rates, and a longer life cycle. 

The Lumenier batteries are compact and lightweight, maximizing your power to weight ratio. Each battery comes wrapped in a black protective shrink with foam padding on the end guarding the discharge and balance cables. 

N2O batteries are the highest performing LiPo batteries available today! 


  • Wrapped in a black protective shrink with foam padding
  • Maximizes your power to weight ratio
  • Compact and lightweight

Length Width Height



74 mm


34 mm


37 mm




120c - Burst 240c


  • 3x Lumenier N2O 1500mAh 4s 120c Lipo Battery

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Please note that shipping regulations have recently changed for batteries. We are no longer able to ship lithium polymer batteries via any Air shipping method. This includes all international destinations outside the USA. In the USA, you will only be presented with ground-based shipping options if your order contains a lipo battery. If you need to receive your order quickly and would like to ship with one-day or two-day shipping options, consider splitting your order into an order of only batteries (shipping ground) and everything else.

Due to IATA shipping regulations, batteries shipping AIR must have a charge of less than 30%. A lithium polymer battery that stays in this state for long periods of time will become damaged. For this reason, GetFPV does not ship batteries using Air shipping.

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Only use a Lithium battery charger. Always monitor the battery while charging. Always store the battery in a safe, nonflammable container. Never overcharge or over-discharge the battery. Never damage, puncture, short circuit, or modify the battery. Never use a damaged Lithium battery.

More Information

SKU 17433
Manufacturer Lumenier
NDAA Compliant No
Voltage / Cell Count 14.8 Volt (4 Cell)
Battery Capacity (mAh) 1500
C-Rating 120
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