Lumenier DJI G10 Replacement Arm

Lumenier DJI G10 Replacement Arm

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Lumenier DJI G10 Replacement Arm
Replace soft DJI plastic arms with these strong Lumenier G10 arms, available in standard 8.5" length or long 9.5". Mounting hardware sold separately.

About this product

Now you can replace your soft plastic DJI arms with strong G10 arms with Aluminum mount that are CNC machined to produce a stiff, no-flex arm alternative. Available in the stock DJI arm length of 8.5" or a "Long" version that ads an extra 1 inch to a total of 9.5". Many aerial videography airframes utilize cheap and low quality DJI plastic arms. These DJI arms have lots of flex, easily break, and can't mount larger pancake type motors due to the stock arm's mounting hole pattern. The Lumenier G10 DJI replacement arm now provides a much stronger alternative in two different lengths. The Lumenier G10 arm can also mount larger pancake motors such as the popular Tiger Motor MT-4006, Lumenier FM-4006, or Lumenier FX-4006 and offers optional landing gear.

Choose the long 9.5" version to allow for mounting of up to 2" larger propeller than the stock DJI arm length option. Pair these long arms up with an efficient pancake style motor and larger props to maximize your efficiency and flight time.

Please note that you will need the Lumenier DJI arm Mounting hardware kit, which is not included with these arms. Please add the needed quantity of hardware kits above (match the number of arms needed). This enables us to offer lower cost G10 arms in case you need crash replacements for which the same hardware and aluminum mount can be used.

Notes for using these arms on different airframes

While the mounting holes are identical to regular DJI plastic arms, the back of the arms are slightly thicker/stronger. This can cause binding of internal frame components. In that case, internal frame elements may need to be repositioned.

Discovery -- On a TBS Discovery (and Discovery Pro), certain lipo sizes can bind with the back arms and shorten the lipo cavity. In our testing with a 3300mah lipo we did not notice negative CG impact. The Discovery also has a solder pad in the location of one of the arms. To use these arms on a Discovery, buy one of the TBS Mounting Hardware kits listed above ("Mounting Hardware for Lumenier G10 DJI Arm for TBS Discovery").

Specifications 8.5"

  • Weight: 68g for arm with mounting hardware (standard DJI arm weighs 54g)
  • Length: 8.5" (inches). Same as standard DJI arm
  • Suitable For: TBS Discovery, TBS Discovery Pro, DJI F450, DJI550, and similar

Specifications 9.5"

  • Weight: 73g for arm with mounting hardware (standard DJI arm weighs 54g)
  • Length: 9.5" (inches). 1" longer than standard DJI arm, which allows for a 2" larger prop.
  • Suitable For: TBS Discovery, TBS Discovery Pro, DJI F450, DJI550, and similar

Note: Please note that using these arms on a TBS Discovery will require you to slightly modify one of the aluminum mounts with a Dremel so as to not cover up the lipo connection pads.

Landing Gear

We offer 2 different lengths Delrin snap-on landing gear sets for these arms (see below). For a TBS Discovery, we recommend the 'long' version of this landing gear to provide much more clearance than standard DJI arms.


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