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Lumenier AXII 2 5.8GHz Antenna - SKITZO Hydro Dip SE (RHCP)

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Lumenier AXII 2 5.8GHz Antenna - SKITZO Hydro Dip SE (RHCP)
The AXII 2 SKITZO Hydro Dip SE takes the best parts of the original AXII antenna and makes them even better. Improved range, bandwidth, and durability make the AXII 2 a true successor to the throne.
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The AXII 2 performance you trust - but with a little personality! Lumenier has hydro-dipped the AXII 2 Antenna to take itself a little less seriously. Truly unique and one of a kind, you won't find another antenna like it because there never has been another one like it!

Use the SKITZO SE Antenna on to your QAV-R 2 SKITZO Edtion Frame for a perfectly wild combo! 

AXII 2 Performance - SKITZOFIED!

  • Improved Range with a Higher Gain (2.2dBic Gain)
  • Wide Bandwidth (5.3-6.2GHz)
  • Clean Signal And Better Rejection to Interference
  • Injection Molded Housing
  • SKITZO Hydro Dip Design
  • Virtually Perfect Axial Ratio

While almost every aspect of the AXII 2 was improved upon, the size and weight managed to stay the same. The AXII 2 is still one of the smallest and lightest circular polarized antennas on the market, perfect for both lightweight racing builds or freestyle quads.

The AXII 2 comes in many connector types such as SMA, MMCX, U.FL, Stubby SMA, and Long SMA. Precision engineering has given this antenna a virtually perfect 1.0 Axial ratio resulting in a true circularity. On top of that, the AXII 2 has an amazing max gain of 2.2dBic, a true upgrade over the original AXII.

Super Tough

Antennas take a lot of abuse, especially when put onto a quad. The AXII 2's robust antenna housing is made out of a new injected molded polycarbonate, and ultra-sonically welded shut. This has significantly improved the durability of the AXII housing.

Note: When installing, secure the antenna via the SMA connector, do not twist the cap.


  • Gain: 2.2dbic
  • Axial ratio: 1.0 (near perfect)
  • Bandwidth: 5.3GHz-6.2GHz
  • Radiation Efficiency: 98%
  • SWR: <=1.5:1
  • Weight: 6.7g
  • Size: 23.6mm x 17.5mm
  • Cable: None
  • Connector: SMA
  • Works great as both a transmitting or receiving antenna
  • Compatible with other styles of 5.8GHz RHCP antennas


  • Right Hand Circular (RHCP)


  • 1 x Lumenier AXII 2 5.8GHz Antenna - SKITZO Hydro Dip SE (RHCP)

Design by TrueRC of Canada and manufactured by Lumenier Patent Pending.

Additional Information
SKU 12150
Manufacturer Lumenier
UPC (GTIN) 032733839350
Antenna Connector SMA
Antenna Frequency 5.8GHz
Polarization RHCP
Static Block blank

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