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LaForge Diversity FatShark Module

Quick Overview

The Diversity Module is a 5.8GHz receiver with status LEDs buzzer and wiring harness.
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Adding a secondary receiver gives another layer of reliability and allows for different types of antennas to be used simultaneously so you can feel confident you are getting the best signal. Finally a Fat Shark diversity module that works.

When plugged into the Main Module, the Diversity Module is automaticly detected and ready to use without any firmware flashing.


  • Status LEDs: Indicates power and active antenna.
  • Buzzer: Acoustic feedback of status.
  • Wiring Harness: 10cm in length.
  • Plug & Play: No firmware updates necessary.


FPV Academy Review

Additional Information

SKU 6130
Manufacturer LaForge
  1. Great Product! review by Joshua on 11/17/2016

    I installed this into my Fatshark Dom V3. It has worked great. My reception is better and I like using a patch antenna. I recommend this to everyone that has the Laforge module. Can't go wrong withthis.

  2. Outstanding Addition to Goggles review by Blake on 7/21/2016

    I will be posting this review in both the diversity and main receiver product pages since they are separated.

    I've been using both receivers for a few months now. I have a version 2, and GetFPV is currently selling v3. V1 was the original, V2 redesigned the diversity module form factor, and V3 added a shield to the OLED screen. I opted to open my HD V2 goggles up and dremel a bit of the plastic out inside the other bay so I could mount my diversity receiver inside the head tracking module bay. You can also route the wires through the inside of the goggles if you open them up, and for this mod you don't have to actually remove any plastic except for a small hole for the wire to route through inside the main module bay. I highly recommend at least doing that. There are great STL files for both module bay doors and a wire harness protector, and there are a few sites that sell the printed parts if you don't have a 3D printer.

    This set has a ton of extremely useful features that you just can't get otherwise. A spectrum scanner to see which channels are occupied and find a noise-free one, a "spectator mode" which scans for the noisiest signal and hops onto it so you can view someone else's flight, setting favorite channels, reordering the channels, and a ton more. You can calibrate the RSSI extremely easily and this makes the detection and main/diversity receiver switching incredibly accurate and fast.

    When I first saw and bought these I was kind of annoyed that they opted for an OLED screen instead of programming it so you could use the original Fatshark buttons like other diversity sets have done. But after just a few uses I realized just how awesome the screen is. It enables you to completely set your system up and get ready to fly without ever having to repeatedly don and then remove the goggles. It just makes preflight so much easier.

    I run either a TBS Triumph or a VAS Blue Beam Ultra on the main side and a TrueRC Crosshair on the diversity side. I absolutely love this setup. I also run a Celestial Reach Clearboost on the main receiver although I haven't done any testing to see really how much that helps when I already have a crosshair on diversity. Anyways, my setup is exponentially more well rounded than before when I had just a standard 5.8 Raceband receiver in the goggles. I no longer worry about range or barrier penetration the way I used to. With this setup I think neither my Vortex Pro or my Alien 5" could reach the limits of my video signal before the battery dies.

    I can't recommend this setup enough. If you're on the fence just go ahead and buy it, you won't regret it. If you don't plan on running diversity (for some reason) the main module alone is worth it just for the spectrum analyser.

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