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KISS FC - 32bit Flight Controller V1.03

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Get more from a true modern more simplified 32bit Flightcontroller!
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A modern, simplified 32bit Flight Controller which includes Flight Control Firmware which reduces the ballast.

Pilot optimized code.  Simply choose your Airframe in the GUI and you are able to fly (at least with KISS ESC), otherwise you can download presets of well knowen Pilots for given configurations, and later tweak the PID yourself over the GUI.

The software setup has been simplified.  Includes a new inbuild telemetry feature.  In combination with our 32bit ESC line its possible to show the live telemetry data via OSD on your FPV live feed or in the KISS FC GUI.  You can access usefull information like the voltage of your battery, current consumption, ESC temperature and motor RPM.

Other FC firmwares (eg. Cleanflight) can be ported for the use with the KISS FC.


  • Mounting Holes: 3x3cm pattern, with 3.2mm holes (widely compatible)
  • Weight: 4.6g
  • Voltage: 2-6S
  • Supported Frame Types: Tri, Quad +/x, Hexa +/x
  • Supported RX Types: PPM Sum, Spektrum Sat. (serial / DSM2 & DSMX), Futaba / Taranis SBUS, Jeti ExBus, Graupner SumD / SumO, classic RX with single channel output

Click here for the KISS FC manual and downloads.

Note - use care when plugging and unplugging a USB cable to this and any other decive that has a surface mounted USB port - excessive force can cause unintended damage. 

Additional Information

SKU 4501
Manufacturer Flyduino
  1. Good when you get good material review by RSW on 8/16/2017

    Well as others have stated I too had several problems with both the FC and the 24 Amp ESC's.

    First I received a bad ESC then I had a pad pull from the FC board.

    I read a lot about bad ESC's but I did not realize how many bad FC pad issues were out there. I initially blamed myself for the pad coming off but after reading so many posts about the same issue, well I can see its a product problem and not a user problem.

    I will say that everyone involved did a great job replacing the bad parts. it did suck having to wait so long between ordering and actually getting to fly. If I were going to use this brand again I would order extra of everything. Really is a shame because once the product is working it really is hands down better that most.

  2. Amazing!! review by Andrew on 3/11/2017

    This FC paired with KISS 24s has flown better than anything else ive built on STOCK pids. Super easy to use and to explain to beginners getting into the hobby.

  3. Very fun to fly review by Morrow on 2/23/2017

    I went from dshot on betaflight with the dys xsd 30 a to Kiss and could not be happier. Stock pids have been great! I just changed my rates and flew for a test flight and it felt amazing. I just started to tune 2 weeks later to see if I could make it even better. I believe the 24a Kiss escs are the key to a great quad. The Gui is simple and easy to setup. Had a lil trouble flashing the fc with windows but the kind and patient ppl on rcgroup forum guided me in the right direction. Since flashing to latest firmware everything has been smooth flying. Will not be changing anytime soon...buy this and please pair it with the Kiss escs only, it just works.

  4. Good product review by Austin on 12/21/2016

    I found the setup, and tuning process easy enough for building my first quad. Airmode is great, and the way they tie together with KISS ESC's is nice to see.

  5. performance review by Kevin on 12/20/2016

    this is super simple to set up and makes flying so much better, especially paired with the 24 amp ESCs

  6. Unbelievable product review by jason mark vantol on 12/11/2016

    Was leary at first to get into one of these FC's but just had to try it because a lot of the obvious pros that I follow swear by it.
    Now that the next gen version is out its even better. with the button for firmware updates.
    I came from using a naze32 board so obviously the quality to me is going to seem to be a huge jump.
    People seem to review only when they have a problem so don't go by whiney reviewers.. This thing is amazing.
    I threw together an Alien build super quick with no problems whatsoever. Only thing is my windows 10 machine wouldn't recognize the FC when trying to do a firmware flash (probably fixed by now) so I used the older method of a 3rd party app which you can easily use.. theres even an easy guide video done by Chad on rotor riot.
    I'm using the Kiss Gui and it is also ultra simple and my quad is so locked in and I can't even explain how insane it flies.
    Betaflight now supports the kiss FC but ill stick with Kiss GUI for now.
    Ill probably buy a second one of these for my other 250 when I make it a 6"
    Buy one.

  7. Good at one and only one thing--ACRO review by HighGuy on 11/30/2016

    This FC is very simple to set up and configure when following any of the many guides that can be found online. The videos on YouTube posted by Rotor Riot are great, as they provide a complete walkthrough of the setup process, but as someone relatively new to the racing side of the hobby, having the diagrams from Flyduino as a reference make the everything go 10x smoother. Firmware is easy to find and flashing the FC is a breeze. There is a failsafe option and several features allowing users to tie AUX switches to functions like mode switching, sounding a buzzer, or activating a kill switch with ease.


    Here is where things got a little hairy…

    Even though the KISS was initially programmed during the initial setup with mode switching to allow the quad to be remotely changed from ACRO to Level Mode, it quickly became evident there would be no flying in Level Mode.


    1) Level Mode

    After arming the quad while in Level mode, it becomes crystal clear that it has a death wish. For some reason it goes from sitting there peacefully to full throttle and upside down almost every single time, which is then followed by replacing all of the propellers. It's very scary being close to it because it is somewhat unpredictable as to where it may decide to go.

    The weird part is that sometimes it will fly semi-normally, allowing liftoff without any carnage. However, steady flight in this mode has been unachievable thus far—at best, it has major drift issues and requires major compensation.

    2) ACRO Mode

    Even though there are issues with the Level mode on this flight controller, this thing is a dream in ACRO mode. It is extremely well balanced and maintains orientation like a champ. Being easy to control but very responsive, it really gives that "locked in" feeling and is seemingly limitless with regards to how far the system can be pushed. No spontaneity in this mode--only consistently smooth, controllable flight.


    Software User Friendliness—5/5
    Firmware Availability—5/5
    Teaching Aids/Resources—5/5
    Stability (ACRO Mode)—5/5
    Stability (Level Mode)—0/5

    The KISS FC is a great product for anyone with intentions of creating a drone specifically for flying in ACRO mode, racing, tricks, or other similar uses. It is not for someone looking for a steady camera platform to record professional imagery or video since Level Mode can be so unpredictable and violent.

    It comes down to the wants of the end user…

    If one desires a fast, dedicated racing quad to fly only in ACRO mode, buy it because it’s a phenomenal board, and is super easy to set up and use.

    If the end goal were instead to create a steady platform or camera drone for taking pictures, a different flight controller would probably serve the end user well.

  8. Liked it, but going back to Betaflight review by Joel on 11/30/2016

    I ran a KISS FC with KISS 24A ESCs on a QAV-R 5" It was good - but not the amazing, mind blown away experience I was expecting based on all the hype. All the talk lately on FC loop times and the KISS FC only does 1K - I've since gone back to Betaflight FCs like the Lux v1 where I can run 8K gyro and 4K FC looptimes which are a much better experience than the KISS was. I even flashed the KISS FC over to Betaflight, and now have it running 4K/2K (which is its max) and it flies better than stock!

  9. Great FC! review by Nate on 11/28/2016

    It is a great flight controller. I use it on my QAV210. The proprietary software is so much easier to use than CF/BF.

  10. Great Flight Controller review by Steven on 11/21/2016

    I love the functionality of this FC. Like the gui Is sooo simple. BUt my only complaint is the quality. I have already gon through 2 board, THe componets chip off in a crash,

  11. Great FC review by Dylan on 10/11/2016

    This is a great little flight controller, and the user interface that accompanies this FC is very well designed and easy to use. The flight controller itself fly's very smooth in either level or acro mode. I used to fly naze 32 boards before, I switched and I can say that this board is a night and day difference when it come to performance.

    I hate that this FC is receiving such critical reviews on getFPV, I have installed this FC in three different quads and each of them have preformed amazingly and as expected. I can't recommend this flight controller enough.

  12. Pretty simple review by lrryhll on 10/9/2016

    I'll start by saying that this is the second flight controller I've used as I have 2 quads and am pretty new to fpv. Nonetheless this is night and day from my base of comparison: naze 32.

    I took a lot of time to tune the naze pid's but never got it to fly as smooth as I have with the kiss FC. I felt like the naze was very snappy and jerky jerky. The kiss can snap like a naze but also just seems more precise on my sticks in general. The out of the box pids gave me a go starting point and I am slowly tweaking, but still getting used to the FC.

    The setup was pretty easy and straight forward. I didn't have problems flashing and calibrating was a piece of cake. I ended up replacing my naze with one of these in a QAV180 after I built a QAVr with this FC. Both quads are super easy to tune and feel like I'm getting tight control. Maybe I'm just getting better at flying but I feel like this did help enable me to take some more bold moves. Nonetheless I feel pretty confident with this as the FC in case things don't go so well.

  13. Best I've used review by Scott on 10/8/2016

    I'm having a hard time understanding all the previous reviews. I've now built 2 new quads both with KISS 24A ESC's and KISS FC's and I couldn't be more impressed with the performance. It flies perfectly out of the box (after updating firmware on both the FC and ESC's, which is super simple via the gui). The only complaint that I have is that if you apply too much heat, expect pads to come off. Good thing is you can connect in other places. But, after learning that, my second had no issues with pads. Airmode alone makes this controller worth it.

  14. Kiss fc review by Joe on 8/26/2016

    This controller is a piece of garbage. Get the lumenier LUX, so much better in every way. Flashing, tuning, just sucked on the kiss fc.save your money and get something else, you will be glad you did.

  15. Its not worth the headache and heartaches people. review by Infidel on 8/8/2016

    I have built 4 quads with the KISS FC and have had ALL of them fail for one reason or another. I even stated my full case as to what happened to me on the KISS FB page and got jumped on like I was a leper. Save yourself time, money, energy, heartache people. Buy a LUX and stick with Betaflight or Raceflight. Just cause the pros endorse something and don't openly talk about issues with this controller doesn't mean you shouldn't be informed.

  16. Modification to Original Review review by STUCARIUS on 7/14/2016

    I want to take the chance to make some modifications to my original rather harsh review. I finally have a KISS FC fully installed and working. Along with 4 24A ESC's with everything mounted on the KISS Carrier Board!

    Now I could have done so sooner but I continued to have quality problems with the physical FC. Before all was said and done I had to buy 4 FC's to get one working. I also want to congratulate GetFPV and their fantastic Customer Service and co-operation in the RMA's for the FC's and ESC's that had issues. Flyduino themselves were excellent to deal with and are a great company engaged in a very worthwhile endeavor.

    I do wish I could have been a little more specific in my star rating. The quality of the KISS FC is really a tale of two products.

    1. Its design and software implementation. (Flyduino)
    2.The quality of its actual production. (Manufacturer)

    The exact same thing can be said for the Price and the Value.

    It is hard to overstate just how much better the KISS FC is than the competition. When coupled with the KISS 24A or 30A ESC's it is nearly off the chart. If you can also get the Carrier Board for the FC and 24A ESC's working, well it's just astoundingly good, solid as a rock and truly off the chart.. They are men among boys in that regard. The system is elegant and well conceived . So much so that all others should be taking a step back to learn from what KISS does right before going any further.

    The KISS Software is if anything even better than the hardware design. While I would love to have the option of greater granularity it is not necessary. How Flyduino created something that does a better job of tuning a racing quad with a fraction of the interface is Jobsian in its implementation. It's Magical!! HATS OFF!!!

    In the end I designed and built two different KISS Quads that I designed myself on the back of Multi-RC's fabulous X-6. did this so I could use the Carrier Board for everything but Video and engines. Essentially they are all Flyduino on a single rock solid PCB Stack. And despite any talk to the contrary the larger main body attached to the nearly indestructible X-6 frame came in at under 480g. That's before I have even gone back through doing design cleanup and component/space reduction. not bad for a full body body with re-enforced camera cage.

    Unfortunately...(The ONLY reason all the Flyduino/KISS products are not getting a 5 star across the board.

    Now for the Ugly. This can make the best design nearly as frustrating to build as it is a joy to fly if you succeed or get good components right out of the gate. I really on put this on the manufacturer. Flyduino of course chose them but none the less a contracted manufacturer should have more pride in their product than this. I hope Flyduino decides to move to a Western PCB manufacturer or at least a better Chinese one. I know it cost but I am more than willing to pay 25% more for a product who's physical quality is the equal of its design. At least in the case of something as nice as the KISS line. It is frustrating to have all these beautiful designs ruined by slipshod Chinese manufacture.

    Right now it's like buying a luxury car at a family car price. The problem being, that to sell it that cheap you get a car leaking gas, oil, with an interior that tears and smells. The KISS product line deserves manufacturing quality that equals its design.

    Here are the major issues not only with the FC but the 24A and 30A ESC as well as the Carrier Board. These are the Flyduino products I have gotten to know best.

    The problems ran from the old saw with Flyduinos' boards of the contact pads lifting during soldering to chips failing or catching fire to issues with fully DOA boards or what could be bad soldering by the manufacturer. You can even look at the edges of the PCB where it is cut. However that is being done is leaving irregular but very noticeable burns and discoloration at the cut point, This could be nothing or this could be the Manufacturers cutting laser having issues and over heating the PCB. If so this could potentially be causing manufacturing flaws in solders and or components on the boards. That and other QA issues making for extreme frustration when building if you are like myself or others and hit a stream of "Monday/Friday" products.

    I really hope Flyduino understands that I am not trying to bash them. I really just want to wake them up in my on tiny way to these ongoing issues. Between Controllers, ESC's and Carrier Boards I spent close to $400 before getting one good build. Several returns and exchanges later and I might be able to cobble together another KISS/BLheli Quad or with a few more good esc's another amazing carrier board KISS build.

    Here is the list of parts and failures as my adventure went along.

    1. Ordered a total of 4 KISS FC's. One had some kind of fault in it and would not work with any non KISS ESC. It also would not set an arming channel, buzzer, throttle min/low etc etc. No good reason for it and some really up to speed guys on the KISS FBP did video and text chats with me trying to resolve the issue to no effect. That said the KISS community of supporters and enthusiasts are simply phenomenal and a real testament to this hobby at it best. Such a great group of self supporting fans is reason enough to go KISS and never look back

    2. I bought a total of 8 24A ESC's before finally getting 4 working with a spare. In two cases there were just unaccounted for failures of the ESC's boot and sync with their brothers. No blue light other than the quick one at power on for Carrier position 3. So you would figure it must be the carriers interface in the ESC#3 position. NOPE...other esc's worked fine there and those two would not work in a ny position. I was just lucky enough to have both bad ESC's end up in the same spot. I lost the 3rd 24A ESC to the dreaded pad lifting. (No my iron is not too hot and nor is it to cold requiring excessive contact with the PCB). When de-soldering and wicking excess from the carrier 3 position, the power/signal pads lifted off the bottom of the esc. This also resulted in the partial loss of a carrier pad on the power end and the total loss of the servo and telemetry contact pads on the Carrier inner position 3 mount point.. It does not take an electrical engineering genius to recognize there are far fewer physical mounting contacts where the PCB press attaches the contact pad to the board chemically and by pressing parts of the pad directly into the PCB. You can look at the KISS pads and see there are only 6 compression marks on each end of a large pad and fewer on smaller ones. This is far fewer than other well made components. Particularly where it is a board that may need to be de-soldered and exchanged or tested multiple times during its service life. Please refer to the KISS is a high dollar sports car not the family soccer dropper. ( Please Flyduino get a better manufacturing partner. One equal to the quality of your design.) So I had a greaters than 30% failure rate on the ESC's just during build. Now that they are flying everything is solid as a rock btw....

    3. I had to buy two carrier boards because one of them was completly destroyed desoldering and lifting ESC's. OMG was that frustrating leading to the need to de-soldering 4 esc's from a board that really really does want to let go of its controllers. It took nearly half a roll of wick to get enough solder removed to allow the ESC's to be lifted out with only the loss of one. This experience led me to another design that I want to pass on to Flyduino. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Carrier Board. It makes everything work so well together and I swear the response time is even greater. HOWEVER, the design sux. It is too large and the ESC simply do not need to be soldered onto the board. You should be able to solder on a socket to each esc if using the carrier or be able to slide the esc into mount. The carrier itself needs to be in a more space conscious form. It is far too large and need to fit the sub 250mm X frame. The footprint on the quad is too large for almost every frame 285 and down. I had to custom build a Carbon Fiber cockpit to mount on my Multi-RC X6 so I could use the carrier. Please try to fix this. If you need any ideas please contact me but I bet you guys are more than able to put your brain trust onto quickly solving this puzzle.

    In conclusion. Now that I have successfully gotten a KISS quad in the air I can say without reservation that all the love and all the hype is well founded. Even with the potential headaches you might have. That being the case if you just happen to get stuck in a bad batch. The KISS system is worth it. I can also confidently say that most of us would be more than willing to pay Flyduino more money to have their products produced by a manufacturer worthy of their product. If they did I would be asking GetFPV to provide more stars I could rate this product with.


  17. When it works it is heaven, but then... review by Christoph on 6/18/2016

    I agree with all previous 3 reviews (good and bad). This FC feels and flies like nothing I have used previously! I thought my QAV250 with SPF3 was the best it could get, then I put the KISS FC on my Alien and I was blown away! At least for a short while.

    It would randomly stop working mid flight and just crash to earth. I have tried tons of different configurations, setups, and even rebuilt the alien from scratch as cleanly as possible. In the end I ended up not plugging the FC straight into the PDB (even though it says it can handle up to 6s), but instead ran a UBEC between the PDB and my receiver, and then used the 5v out of the receiver to power the FC (because I thought maybe the built in voltage regulator was bad).

    ALL problems went away! I must have logged 40 flights since then without incident... UNTIL today, when it just started doing it all over again. But this time the crash was so bad I didn't just have to replace a few props, but 2 motors, antenna, and the GoPro is toast. It just doesn't make any sense.

    If it is indeed some firmware bug like Joseph and seattleite09 have suggested, then I hope that they fix it soon! I just fixed my Alien but am scared to fly it now. If the crash would have happened over the swampy area I was flying over yesterday then it would have been a total loss for me. So needless to say I have little faith that this won't happen again.

    HOWEVER, when it does work, it is absolutely fantastic! So hopefully this weird bug will be identified and fixed!

    Lastly: I have 3 of these boards. 1 keeps crashing, 1 will not allow me to upload any firmware (well it lets me, but it still doesn't get recognized by Kiss software after upload), and 1 I am just now trying out on my QAV. So as of right now 2 out of 3 have issues (hopefully not the 3rd one too!)

  18. Quality Control review by Russell on 6/13/2016

    I'm sure that the people who have a good quality controlled FC are happy with it. My problem is that I can't flash the firmware. I've tried to do it via the command line on my mac, running parallels on my mac, my mother's windows computer. None of those options will successfully flash the board. If I crash the FC wont arm again for about 10 minutes. I'm not happy.

  19. Great flight controller review by seattleite09 on 6/6/2016

    I think the previous review here is unfair. You can't really have that much bad luck with an FC, in fact with two different boards -- unless you are doing something wrong.

    I used this FC in conjunction with BLHeli ESCs (Rotorgeeks RG20, and Littlebee 20A), as well as KISS 24A ESCs. I never had problems calibrating the ESCs! Follow the instructions online, for example see FinalGlide's video, and you should be all set with the calibration within 10 seconds. It's really that easy.

    I own three (3) KISS FC boards: two 1.02 boards (with boot pads), and one 1.03 board (with boot button). I am using the RC16 firmware.

    All three of my KISSed quads fly amazingly well. They use different motors -- Cobra 2204, Lumenier 2204, Lumenier 2206. These require different sets of PIDs, but they all fly incredibly well.

    I use PINS (not direct soldering), except for the buzzer which is direct-soldered.

    Some words of caution/advice:
    - Mid-throttle oscillations are a problem with FW < RC26 for some motors with strong magnets (e.g. Cobras). Buy Lumeniers instead. :)
    - The OneShot42 implementation is buggy. This is not yet officially acknowledged, but based on personal experience and the reports from others on RCG the OS42 setting causes mid-air motor stops and other funky symptoms that disappear entirely with OneShot125. Until this is officially acknowledged and fixed, I would advise using OS125 instead.

    Overall I have a lot less issues with this FC than other FCs with CF/BF. It allowed me to learn a lot as a pilot and evolve at a rapid pace. I love it, and it's the ONLY FC I fly nowadays.

  20. Great FC review by Joseph on 6/4/2016

    I am a huge fan of this FC. I was hesitant at first in getting it due to the fact of the update firmware issue, which I could not for the life of me get to work with my PC, I have not tried the Mac way yet, but it looks way too complicated for this. I literally had my co worker do this for me. Flyduinio failed in Keeping It Super Simple when updating.

    Other than that this is a great FC. After watching Chad and Steele's videos, I had to get it. I run this on my Alien with the Kiss 24a and Skitzo Motors on HQ Tri Baldes, I had never had a more joyful experience in flying than with this combo Don't get me wrong I Loved the SpRacing F3 running on Betaflight, with RG20's which I ran before this but this FC/ESC combo is a new beast. When I went back to my QAV-R running the Lux on Betaflight and RG20's it did not feel as locked and as good. I literally had to spend a whole day re-tuning it to get it semi close to the Alien with the Kiss combo, and it is still not there. Not to bash on the Lux, Betaflight or BLHeli, but Flyduino got something special going on here.

    I did however experience failure with this Kiss set up. Like some reviews mentioned, there seems to be a bug which could bring your quad down mid flight. I just experienced it last week out of the blue and now I am waiting for my new frame parts from Australia. This is a problem but I hope a new update could fix it.

    Other than that, set up was not bad, I did put headers on mine, as I routinely clean out all the grass and dirt that gets inside the quad. There are enough forums and videos online to help you with any problem, except updating the firmware for me, but I still have the Mac option to try.


    It takes a whole lot to make me angry at a product. Particularly when I wanted very much to like it. I really try to buy non Chinese products when possible.

    This is a long review I feel they deserve to know why I am giving a bad review and I hope they will fix the problems.

    I ended up buying two before throwing in the KISS FC towel. The first one went in the trash after 6 days of struggling to get it working. Unlike many others I successfully got the Firmware updater to work, connected the Sbus and had everything working great. Was getting excellent signal from my Taranis to the FC. THEN it came time to calibrate the ESC's.

    Now I did not buy the Flyduino ESC's set with the carrier board because it was pretty expensive at around $130 and I had already dropped $90 on these two board. It is also really hard to even find them in stock in the USA.However I had a brand new set of Emax BLHeli oneshot125 ESC’s and another set of similar but smaller ESC's.

    Well nothing and I mean nothing would get this FC to calibrate the ESC's. I tried both sets of ESC's. Calibration would result in all sorts of odd behavior non of which involved physical control of the engines. In the GUI all was get and the Sbus signal was passing from receiver to FC great but would not go from FC to ESC no matter the settings, TX manipulation or hoops jumped through. I rebuilt and resoldered the entire system multiple times. I spent 40-60 hours struggling with this thing. I had long talks on forums and even did a video conference before finally deciding that the problem could only be with the KISS FC.

    Along the way I found out just how many people have had problems with the controller. From lots and lots of issues with firmware and using the updating tool to engine control issues, drones just cutting off mid flight to people having issues like mine. Most of the time the problems can ultimately be resolved but it requires a lot of effort. To be honest too much effort for a product that cost nearly $50.

    So I am hard headed and figured the problem I had was just a fluke and could never happen twice. So I ordered a second controller because I really love the idea behind it and I have in fact heard a lot of people rave about it.

    Well $50 dollars later I successfully flashed the firmware and began the process of soldering the initial connections on the new controller. Well lo and behold one of the other problems that has been commonly reported quickly occurred to me this time. I was soldering the cable from the X4Rsb's Sbus connector to the Kiss FC connection pads when the connection pad came right off the controller with my iron. Not just any pad mind you but the one pad whose loss crippled the controller. The actual sbus data connection pad. No my iron was not too hot, no I did not do anything rough with it. It was absolutely normal use. A whole lot less use than the previous controller had. I successfully soldered and removed wires from the previous controllers pads several times during the trouble shooting process with no ill effects at all. In fact it is still sitting there just fine.

    This pad however came right off. It turns out this is not uncommon with the Kiss FC's. You can get multiple controllers with no problems thing BAM you get one whose pads come off or will not take firmware or constantly has your engines twitching in flight.

    The point of this is not to bash this controller. If it works and you can successfully solder it with out losing pads it's a great little device. The concept behind it, the software etc is great. The firmware updating process needs work but other than that fine.

    The problem is that there are terrible quality control issues, lots of little bugs in the firmware/updating and board design. Some of these bugs can bring your quad down in flight and some can make installation a real nightmare. Sometimes even impossible. For a product that is right there with the highest priced controllers out there this is not ok. The Flyduino Kiss FC is simply not ready for everyday use. The company is essentially using its paying customers as beta testers. Something not uncommon in the technology world but really not ethical.

    This is only the second time I have come down on a product I purchased like this but the Kiss FC went out of its way to earn this review. I hope they fix it but for now I would stay a long way away from it.

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