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GetFPV has two new ways for vendors and influencers to engage shoppers and sell more products

Enhanced Product Listings

Get more shoppers to buy more of your products on GetFPV using a new type of advertising called Enhanced Product Listings (EPLs). On average, products marketed on GetFPV using EPLs see a 24% increase in incremental sales from existing site traffic.

EPLs achieve an average ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales) of less than 5% (compared with an industry average of 30%) because they guarantee a 4x return on ad spend. You also pay nothing until the sales lift is achieved so this is virtually no-risk advertising.

Click on both of the red play buttons (on the images below the email form) to experience Enhanced Product Listings.

Banner Ads

Banner ads are great for influencers who want to market themselves or current vendors (selling on GetFPV.com) who want to promote their brand or product family. Your banner ads can use rich media to communicate your brand message and influence prospective followers and shoppers. Prospective brands can promote with us as well! If you think your brand is related to FPV in some way, we can make it work even if you don't currently sell your products on GetFPV.com!

To get an idea of what is possible, please click on the sample banner ad below:

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