ImmersionRC Raceband 5.8GHz 600mW A/V Transmitter

ImmersionRC Raceband 5.8GHz 600mW A/V Transmitter

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ImmersionRC Raceband 5.8GHz 600mW A/V Transmitter
Lightweight, powerful, 600mW 5.8GHz transmitter. Can take input voltage from 6 to 25v.

About this product

This ImmersionRC Audio / Video Transmitters provides a clean and powerful transmission 100% compatible with all Fat Shark and Immersion RC products. Strong penetration and a locked in signal gives you the best picture on 5.8GHz all in a lightweight, powerful, 600mW 5.8GHz transmitter.


  • 37MHZ frequency seperation allows for flying up to 8 pilots simultaneously. 
  • SMA female antenna connector
  • 600mW (+/- 1dB) of clean output power.
  • Frequencies: 5740, 5760, 5780, 5800, 5820, 5840, 5860 MHz (ImmersionRC/FatShark)
  • All standard channels within the US/EU ISM Band
  • Frequencies: 5658, 5695, 5732, 5769, 5806, 5843, 5880, 5917MHz (RaceBand)

All Raceband channels legal using a Ham license within the USA
Raceband Channels 1-6 legal using a Ham license within the EU

  • Onboard quiet switching regulator, powers 5V cameras
  • Input voltage range: 6 – 25V (2S-6S)
  • Not affected by 2.4GHz R/C radios!


  • 1 x 2.15dBi 5.8GHz omni-directional antenna (SMA male connector)
  • 1 x Video cable (20cm 5-pin Molex-SL terminated in wire ends)
  • 1 x DC power cable (24cm 2-pin Molex-SL terminated in BEC-style connector)

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