iFlight iXC15 950mm X-CLASS Racing Frame Kit

iFlight iXC15 950mm X-CLASS Racing Frame Kit

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iFlight iXC15 950mm X-CLASS Racing Frame Kit
The iXC15 is perfectly designed with incredible performance, to give you a more enjoyable flight experience! A reliable and flexible design.

About this product

After half a year of developing and testing, the iX15 is finally out! iFlight knows that more pilots are becoming interested in racing with bigger drones because mini-quads are reaching their performance limits. That's why iFlight designed its first X-CLASS. X-Class drones have lots of room to grow! Moreover, most of the large size gear that iFlight used in this kit was created for aerial video platforms. 

This frame designed by the iFlight R&D team is one of the most amazing frames with a flexible design.

The iX15 mounting screw pattern fits most motors on the market, which greatly facilitates the motor installation and eliminates the need to add the motor adapter seat. This frame helps reduce arm front and arm end weight, thereby improving the flexibility of the frame. The motor base is locked to the arm via two crisscrossing standoffs, wherein the outer center is strengthened making the frame stable, reliable and easy to adjust.

The arm and mounting part of the frame body is fixed by two crisscrossing “Power- Lock” M5 long screws and an M5 nut. Two vertical side plates have been added to each arm to make the arms and the body more secure. Not only is this method reliable, but also makes replacing and repairing arms easier on site. In addition, a flexible 3-D printed antenna mount is used at the rear end of the body, to secure the antenna's tail and  for easy antenna installation.

The body has two simple but rigid 3mm thick top & bottom plates, providing large space to install equipment. iXC15 has been improved and tested during the development and it took half a year and six times of proofing for continuous improvement, testing and finally released.

The iXC15 is perfectly designed with incredible performance, to give you a more enjoyable flight experience!

NOTE: Motors, ESCS and PDB boards are NOT included.


  • Ture X design, pure 3K carbon fiber
  • Comes with GoPro mount, ample equipment installation space
  • Omnidirectional arm locking structure to ensure the connection strength between the arm and the body
  • The unique motor base design ensures installation speed and high strength


  • Wheelbase:950mm
  • Bottom plate thickness:3mm
  • Top plate thickness:3mm
  • Arm vertical side plate thickness:3mm
  • Carbon tube arm dimension:20mm*20mm*425mm
  • Tube:20mm(out OD),18mm(inner OD)
  • Singles Tube Length:425mm
  • Motor seat mounting holes:19x19mm-25x25mm/30x30mm
  • FPV Camera Vertical side plate thickness:3mm
  • The distance between FPV Camera Vertical side plates::28mm
  • The distance between top&bottom plates:20mm
  • FC mounting size:30.5*30.5mm,20*20mm
  • Weight:643g Approx(included hardware)

Recommended Parts (Not included)

  • Motor 41xx~52xx
  • Prop:13-15 inch
  • FC: F4
  • PDB: 200A


  • 1  x iFlight iXC15 950mm X-CLASS Racing Frame Kit

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