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Flysight Falcon FG01 Goggles with DVR

Flysight Falcon FG01 Goggles with DVR

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Flysight Falcon FG01 Goggles with DVR
Modular FPV headset with an integrated DVR from Flysight.

About this product

The Flysight Falcon goggles are one of a kind modular FPV goggles. They feature a built-in integrated DVR, versatile fit and IPD adjustments, excellent visual quality, and modular ease of use. With these premium features, pilots can enjoy a variety of enhancements. It can handle both digital and analog inputs with ease, making it a flexible and powerful FPV goggles for both hobby FPV drones like phantom 3/4 and racing drones.

One of the features that set these goggles apart is the ability to customize them using 3rd party receiver modules such as the Fatshark Nextwave, Airwave, Furious, and La Forge to get the type of signal they want.

Flysight Falcon goggles bring affordable digital video and a wide feature set to FPV racing. These FPV goggles feature a modular design, allowing pilots to use receiver modules such as the Fatshark Nextwave, Airwave, Furious, and La Forge to stay on the cutting edge. Record FPV footage with the included DVR, and use the Falcon’s modular bays for a wide range of analog video receivers.

Supporting HDMI-in at 720p and with a switch between 4:3 and 16:9 WVGA image, the Falcon can handle both digital and analog inputs with ease, making it a flexible and powerful goggles for both casual and professional pilots.


Integrated on-Board Analog DVR(not HDMI recording)

Integrated DVR records your analog footage and has playback function that may assist in lost model recovery. Also, there is fast forward/backward speed, switch between 1X 2X 4X 8X.DVR recording icon showed on screen by a small dot only, which saves the screen space for more useful data to pilots. If the power is disconnected or the battery runs out, the DVR will auto-save any recorded video, preventing a corrupted card or loss of data.

Attention:TF Card Must be formatted before use to ensure the stable recognizing and recording.when insert and take out the TF Card, must turn off the power to avoid damage to the CARD and Goggles.

Detachable Modular Design

Modular design meaning that additional modules and accessories can be added for expandable functionality. In order to receive the video downlink from your wireless video transmitter, a receiver module is required. Flysight Falcon goggles support the full variety of receiver modules, allowing you to choose the frequency and functions best suited to your location or situation.

A modular design allowing pilots to customize receive modules,which can be 100% compatible with Fatshark Nextwave and Airwave modules, so do Furious and La forge modules.

Shortcut Keys and IPD Adjustment Way

One button Operation on contrast, brightness and switch between 4:3 and 16:9 WVGA display.Vertical press of the Center of multi-mode button scrolls through the following modes: Analog 2D/3D/HDMI 2D/3D.Holding down the Center of the multi-mode button for 3 seconds and the buzzer rings once: Switch image between 16:9/4:3, only effective under RF2D and AV2D modes.

In order to adjust the IPD distance more precisely like the military glasses, we used the gear adjustment method on the military glasses. More precise adjustable Interpupillary Distance by one Gear only.

Eye Cup and Built-in Fan

Detachable eye cup with comfortable Velcro detachable eye cup sponges, which are offered with 7mm and 10mm thickness as an option for different faces.

The built-in fan keeps the goggles cool and is easily operated by power on/off button. No more fogging up, even if for the Fatshark size multiple diopter lenses such as -2,-4,-6.

Button Operation Instruction

18650 Battery Case

The included battery case works with standard 18650 batteries and has LED lights that show the current battery charge status as well as On/Off indicator. 






   0.32 inch LCD,854×480(WVGA)



   Interpupillary distance(IPD)




   Screen Color

   Full color LCD binocular display, with LED backlight

Main  Controls

   Function Controls

   Channel selection

   Volume control

   Mode selection

   16:9:/4:3 switch

   Brightness/contrast Control

   DVR Control

   Fan Control


   Audio output level

   Stereo,1.0Vp-p Type,10Kohm


   AV IN(Φ3.5,4p

   Video,Stereo Audio input

   HDMI IN(C Type)

   Support HDMI 1.3 Digital Input, Support HDMI Audio in

   Support resolution: 1280×720p


   RF module bay

   DC In


   TF card

   TF card insert slot

   EAR OUT(Φ3.5,3p)

   Stereo 16Ω/150mW


   Working way

   Auto work after goggles powered on


   Support TF card to 64Gb

   Record rate

   6Mbps (MJPG compression,30 fps,AVI)

   File playback

   Native recording,no codec support

   Video input

   Support CVBS,PAL/NTSC continous scan auto detect/mode change


   auto save if power removed,support forward/backward/format

Power Supply

   DC IN

   2S-4S supply


   <300mA @7.4V (HDMI 2D,RX off)



   RF module



   170×50×45mm(not include prominent part)

   Net Weight

   175g(with faceplate and head strap)

   Working Temperature



  • 1x Modular FPV goggles with integrated DVR
  • 1x Detachable faceplate
  • 2x Velcro eye cup sponges(0.7mm/10mm)
  • 1x Adapter cable(DC F to XT60M,10cm)
  • 1x Adapter cable(DC F to XT60M,1.5m)
  • 1x Charging cable(DC M to XT60M F,10cm)
  • 1x 18650 battery case
  • 1x AV cable
  • 1x Head strap
  • 1x Cleaning cloth
  • 1x User manual


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