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Lumenier 4Power + Plus PDB (5v/10v Reg, 184A Curr.)


DIATONE V7.3 LC Filter Power HUB

DIATONE V8.3 LC Filter Power HUB

Quick Overview

V8.3 Power HUB based on V7.3 changed the ESC solder tabs direction to make the ESC and battery solder pad be 90 degree, more suitable for X-type multirotor.
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V8.3 Power HUB based on V7.3 changed the ESC solder tabs direction to make the ESC and battery solder pad be 90 degree, more suitable for X-type multirotor. The both-sides soldering way also suit H-type multirotor and no need to dismount the upper board, quite convenient to solder. 36X36mm size is easy to connect to flight controller. 4-layers PCB guarantees the 20A ESC’s steady working. 2 sets BEC circuit meanwhile can use servos, video transmitters, LEDs, moreover, V8.3 added the ESC signal channel, easy soldering and neat wiring.Support 3-6S (11.1V-22.2V). The HUB also features convenient solder bridge of various voltage for camera & video transmitter.

The new LC filter circuit uses superior filter inductor and 47uf tantalum capacitor, 1A electrical load 5V ripple just only 31mV, 12V ripple just only 63mV, camera and video transmitter gain purer power source.


  • Both-sides soldering ESC, convenient to use
  • 2oz copper & 4-layers PCB
  • Low Ripple current
  • ESC & Battery solder tabs in pairs.
  • Solder Bridges of various voltage for Camera & VTX.
  • DC/DC synchronous buck regulator, Efficiency is up to 95%.
  • 5V & 12V Output LED indicators & Short circuit tolerant.


  • Working Voltage: 3~6S LiPo (11.1-22.2V)
  • Output Voltage: 5V&12V
  • Output Current: 2A
  • ESC outputs: 4
  • Current output: 4*20A
  • Size: 36*36mm
  • Weight: 5.5g
  • Mounting: 30.5mm / Φ3mm


  • 1 x Diatone V8.3 PDB
  • 1 x Cable

Additional Information

SKU 6688
Manufacturer Diatone
  1. Bad voltage and small pads review by John on 3/30/2017

    First, this board is not what the pictures look like, instead of the yellow cube there is a tall capacitor which sticks up, making the board hard to fit in small spaces or on a low profile build. Also the voltage from the becks is far off. I measured 5.25 V and 11.81 out of the becks from 2 voltage sources, not near accurate. Finally, the solder pads are tiny, I can put on 18 gauge wire but not anything bigger without serious issue. In my opinion they should remove the ESC connections, (it is easier to hook up to your FC) and expand the size of the pads. and move the pads to the corners surrounding the hole for the screw. If you need precise voltage, or are not amazing at soldering do not get this board.

  2. solutions to issues described above review by zorg on 3/22/2017

    An update to my review above.

    I managed to scrape the black paint of the holes on the bottom of the lipo pad and also scraped around it to enlarge that pad. Then i was able to solder the + to the bottom. On the top side i scraped around the ground pad to enlarge that as well and was able to solder the lipo - to it.

    The auxiliary filtered signal/power/ground pads are still a challenge. The small ground pads are hard to solder to because they are all connected and absorb tons of heat... which would be fine except that they are so close together which makes it a pain.

    This is not a PDB for a beginner, thats for sure. But i suppose, neither is this hobby.

  3. pads too small and close together review by zorg on 3/13/2017

    I bought this pdb because it cleans up signal wires from esc. Wired up the escs no problem... but for some inexplicable reason the battery pads are relatively tiny and close together for a 14 gauge wire. I am not an expert but not a beginner either as this is my 4th quad.... but i gave up trying to solder the wires on and keep them apart... I will try again tomorrow, but i would definitely recommend against getting this pdb.

    If there were pads on the bottom then it would have been awesome... but of course there are not.

    Oh and the FC supply 5/12v are super close together also, but at least those are small wires. And there is no VCC for FC so VBAT would have to be tapped from esc pad or bat pad (good luck with that latter one).

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