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Eagle Tree Vector Current Sensor, XT60 (PSU)

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Eagle Tree Vector Current Sensor, XT60 (PSU)
Tired of using multiple batteries, LC filters, BECs, etc.? The Vector's current sensor/PSU makes it super easy to power your equipment.
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Tired of using multiple batteries, LC filters, BECs, etc.?   The Vector's current sensor/PSU makes it super easy to power your equipment.

The current sensor is available with Deans, XT60, or wire leads. 

The high efficiency, low noise PSU accepts up to 6S voltage input,  and provides filtered 12V and 5V output at 1.5A max per channel.  It's perfect for powering most FPV gear, and also powers your receiver on multirotors with “opto” ESCs, eliminating the need for an external BEC.        

Note that the 12V regulator does NOT boost the voltage, like a SEPIC. However, the Vector's 12V PSU has a unique Low Voltage Loss feature that drops the regulator’s output by only about 0.5V if you are using a 3S pack operating below 12.5V. For example, if your 3S pack is at 11.5V, the regulator outputs about 11V. Other non-boost switching regulators typically drop the output voltage by 1.3V or more.  

In addition, SEPIC and other voltage boost regulators are generally much less efficient and generate much more UHF band noise, and in many cases you don’t need one. All known cameras and many transmitters will operate well across the 3S voltage range.  Check your transmitter manual’s specs to determine this. If your transmitter does need a boost when operating at the lower end of 3S, a JST equipped boost regulator can easily be connected into the Vector's AV harness without needing to cut wires.

Wiring Made Simple!

The Vector's filtered PSU and innovative wiring harness (so innovative we're not showing it for a little longer J) makes it easy to connect your 5V or 12V cameras and transmitters without keeping an electrician on standby.    If your camera and transmitter+- has have servo style connectors already, you just need to plug them into the labeled plugs, select the appropriate voltages, and away you go.   And, If you prefer to use 2 or even 3 flight batteries, additional filters, voltage boosters, etc., that’s trivial to do without needing to do any rewiring.   The harness also makes it easy to move the Vector from model to model without removing all of the wiring as well.


  • 1x Vector Current Sensor (PSU)

*Download Vector Current Sensor Manual

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SKU 6986
Manufacturer Eagle Tree Systems
UPC (GTIN) 182585001594

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