Drone Technical Support Services

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Premium tech support Free Limited Time

Can't find an answer on Google for your drone and FPV special needs? We are here to help! GetFPV offers top-notch, best-in-class drone technical support services at an affordable price.

We'll help you answer questions such as:

  1. Why don’t I have range in my video?
  2. Why don’t I have range with my radio?
  3. Why don’t I have any video?
  4. Why isn’t SmartAudio working?
  5. Why won't my quad arm?
  6. I just bought an RTF how do I bind it?
  7. Motors sound horrible and are hot. Why?
  8. Motors aren’t finishing their chimes. Why?
  9. Why is my model spinning nonstop in Betaflight?
  10. Why won’t my flight controller connect to the computer?

...and many more!

Ready to try GetFPV premium drone technical support services?

  • Pay and Set your appointment.
  • Once you have set your appointment, we will be notified when to call you.
  • If all the time is not used, we will adjust the Technical Support balance code for the remaining time.
  • Any extra time can be scheduled for future appointments.