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BETAFPV Whoop racing and freestyle drones

GetFPV has the largest collection of BETAFPV equipment in the United States. BETAFPV is best for both pro pilots and beginners of all ages, from students to retired commerical pilots or military and navy pilots, BETAFPV products are both fast and fun to fly. Buying a BETAFPV bundle will help lessen learning curve for a drone newbie and save cost in the long run by choosing all the correct gear from the start. All the BETAFPV accessories are also available in our store. One of the many nice features of BETAFPV is that you can fix / repair a crashed drone on your own without paying a professional. Now with all the quadcopter components you can find in GetFPV store, you can maximize your flying time with our fastest shipping options in the country. See something out of stock? We receive shipments from the manufacturer all the time.

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  1. BETAFPV 1105 5000KV Brushless Motors (4 Pcs)

    BETAFPV 1105 5000KV Brushless Motors (4 Pcs)

    Powerful, fast and durable 1105 5000KV Brushless Motors for 4S whoop!

    • 1105 brushless motors are customized for Beta85X.
    • 5000KV for new Beta85X(HD), which could support 4S power.
    • Fits with 2"-3" propellers
    • Shaft Diameter: 1.5mm
    • Weight: about 20g (4 pcs)

  2. BETAFPV 1105 6000KV Brushless Motors (4 Pcs)

    BETAFPV 1105 6000KV Brushless Motors (4 Pcs)

    This motor is customized for the Beta85X Whoop drone. A Micro JST-1.25 3-pins connector is attached to the motor wires, so no soldering needed, just plug and play into compatible boards.

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2 Item(s)