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DragonLink V3 Advanced SLIM Complete System (w/ WiFi, Bluetooth)

DragonLink V3 Advanced SLIM Complete System (w/ WiFi, Bluetooth)
The Dragon Link V3 Slim has all the performance of V3 Large, just in a super small package so that you do not even notice it on your RC transmitter.
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Dragon Link Advanced Complete System With WiFi and Bluetooth. This is our newest and best system with a typical range of 50 Kilometers for a properly installed system.


The Dragon Link Advanced WiFi will outperform any other system on the planet and give you every option imaginable to connect with computers, tablets, phones, and other ground station devices !!!  Will connect to Windows, Apple, and Android devices.  We made it easier than ever to connect to your RC transmitter and be fully automatic, so there is no hassle and no extra steps before you fly.  Constructed using the best performing, high-quality components, latest and most advanced technology available.   This system is built to outperform everything else on the market and last for many years.   It is not cheap, but it will be the best FPV investment you will make.

  • Typical Range of more than 60 KM with stock antennas.
  • Full Bidirectional Telemetry - Telemetry Range varies with receiver type and data rate used.
  • Built-in serial Radio Modem.
  • Full MAVLINK SUPPORT works with TOWER, MISSION PLANNER, and Others.
  • Built-in Bluetooth for the display of telemetry on any android Smartphone or Tablet.
  • Fully configurable using PC software.
  • Lost plane finder - Locate where your plane went down using GPS location.
  • Easy, noticeable multicolor LED for instant status monitoring.
  • Audible alarms ( For Low Voltage in Copters, Low RSSI, Etc )
  • Full Logging of flight, position, etc. on Removable SD card. ( In Development )
  • Spectrum Analyzer.
  • Super Fast update rates available for Racers and obstacle flyers.
  • Hassle-free, no extra steps operation for those that want basic experience. 
  • Fully compatible with Existing Dragon Link Micro Receivers ( Full Bidirectional )
  • It is Dragon Link, it will outperform anything in existence.

The Dragon Link Micro Receiver is tiny, and at 10 grams is very light, but it is NOT a " Micro Receiver " in performance !!!  The Micro RX is a FULL RANGE, 12 Channel, full performance, full-featured receiver. The Micro Receiver outputs PPM, Sbus, Standard PWM servo signals, and is fully compatible with ALL Copters, flight controllers, OSD's, Autopilots, and other FPV devices.   The micro receiver is the best, most advanced RC receiver ever made !!!  The micro receiver is plug and play and will work perfectly right out of the box.  If you do wish to connect it to your computer, just connect it with any standard Micro USB cable as you would have for your cellphone or camera, and you can access a vast amount of features built-in.  Features include Fully configurable channel mapping, Spectrum Analyzer, Emergency Plane Locator Beacon, Built-in Memory for Complete System logging, GPS input, and more.  The really great thing about this receiver is that each output pin is assignable to any channel that you want.  To use all 12 channels of the Micro receiver, Simply feed the PPM output to your flight controller or OSD, and assign the remaining pins of the receiver to higher channels and accessories, This way you can use all 12 channels through this small receiver, All flight controls through the PPM and free up the remaining output pins for servos and accessories.  For complete information on this new receiver, download the PDF manual and configuration software here.


  • Transmitter Module Voltage: 5 - 18 Volts (2-4 cell LiPo)
  • Receiver Voltage:  5 - 9 Volts (UBEC or 2 cell LiPo)
  • Transmitter Power Output:   1000 mW
  • Frequency:  433 MHZ - Frequency Hopping in ARS Band.
  • Typical Range:   50 KM Using Supplied Antennas
  • Weight:    90 Grams
  • Length:    79 Millimeters
  • Width:      60 Millimeters
  • Thickness:  15 Millimeters


  • 1 Long Range V3 Advanced Slim Transmitter
  • 1 Long-Range Advanced Micro Receiver
  • 1 Genuine Nagoya Transmitter Antenna
  • 1 High-Performance Receiver Antenna
  • 1 6-Pin UEXP Pigtail Cable
  • 1 Connection Cable for Transmitter Module


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