G10 arms for QAV400 (set of 4)

G10 arms for QAV400 (set of 4)

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G10 arms for QAV400 (set of 4)
A set of 4 QAV400 arms made from machined G10. Includes mounting hardware and spacers.

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A set of 4 QAV400 arms made from machined G10. Set includes mounting hardware and Delrin spacers. Landing gear not included. A set of Delrin Landing Gear is available separately.


  • 4x G10 Arms
  • 8x Delrin Spacers - Top of Delrin spacers needs to be snapped off for these QAV400 arms. See picture.
  • 16x M3x20mm Button Head Socket Screws
  • 16x Lock-Nuts
  • Note: Landing Gear sold separately here


  • Supported Prop Size on QAV400: 8"
  • Weight of 1 arm without spacer and mounting hardware: 31g
  • Weight of 1 arm with 2 spacers and mounting hardware: 41g
  • Dimensions: 44mm x 154mm

G10 versus Aluminum Arms

The choice of G10 arms versus CNC-ed aluminum arms is one of personal preference. Both arms are fabricated by CNC-machining. The Lumenier Aluminum arms are CNC-ed from a solid block of aluminum and do not require spacers as the G10 arms do. The Aluminum arms also have threads to mount the arms with 4 screws from each side of the frame. The G10 arms have holes without threads and are mounted with 4 20mm long screws and lock nuts. In a crash, Aluminum arms may bend and they can often be hammered back into shape with a mallet. G10 arms are strong and stiff and they cannot bend. G10 arms are lighter than Aluminum arms. Both arm types provide the QAV 'dirty' section with 10mm clearance to fit your ESCs.


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