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Cobra CM-1806/26 2800Kv Multirotor Motor

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Cobra CM-1806/26 2800Kv Multirotor Motor
A Cobra CM-1806/26 2800Kv Multirotor Motor.
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Cobra Brushless Multirotor Motors offer performance and value for Your RC Models. They are built from high quality components, and are designed to give years of top-level performance.

The Cobra CM-1806 series motors have a 2.0mm motor shaft, as well as oversize ball bearings to support the shaft and provide a long life. The stators are made with 0.20mm laminations for maximum efficiency and minimum Eddy Current losses. Since these motors are typically soldered directly to the speed controller to save weight, the 1806 motors come without bullet connectors and feature extended pre-tinned motor leads that are 4-1/2 inches (110mm) long. These motors also have 3mm threaded holes in a 12x16mm pattern on the back plate for easy installation on your model.

The CM-1806 series motors feature an integrated 5mm threaded motor shaft which eliminates the chance of having a prop adapter spin off in flight. The included prop washer and nylon insert prop nut provides a solid attachment for your propellers that will not loosen up and slip during use.

Click here for the Cobra CM-1806/26 2800Kv Propeller Data Chart


Cobra CM-1806/26 Motor Specifications
 Stator Diameter  18.0 mm (0.709 in)
 Stator Thickness  6.0 mm (0.236 in)
 Number of Stator Slots  12
 Number of Magnet Poles  14
 Motor Wind  26 Turn Delta
 Motor Kv Value  2800 RPM per Volt
 No Load Current (Io)  0.653 Amps @ 10 Volts
 Motor Resistance (Rm) per Phase  0.117 Ohms
 Motor Resistance (Rm) Phase to Phase  0.078 Ohms
 Maximum Continuous Current  15 Amps
 Max Continuous Power (3-cell Li-Po)  165 Watts
 Motor Weight  21.0 grams (0.74 oz.)
 Outside Diameter  23.0 mm (0.906 in.)
 Motor Shaft Diameter  2.00 mm (0.079 in.)
 Prop Shaft Diameter  5.00 mm (0.197 in.)
 Motor Body Length  15.1 mm (0.594 in.)
 Overall Shaft Length  33.1 mm (1.303 in.)
 Motor Timing  5-10 degrees
 PWM Frequency  8-20 KHz


  • 4x M3x5mm Motor Mount Screws
  • 4x M3 Flat Washers
  • 1x Machined Aluminum Prop Washer
  • 1x Locking Prop Nut with Nylon Insert

Motor Performance Graphs

The following downloadable PDF files show the performance data curves of the Cobra CM-1806/26 motor, over its entire throttle range, with a variety of propellers. These graphs can be downloaded and printed to use as a reference for calculating power requirements at specific thrust levels, and enable the user to calculate flight times, current draw and other motor parameters.

3-Cell Li-Po Power

Cobra CM-1806/26 Performance Data with HQ 4x4 prop on 3S Li-Po

Cobra CM-1806/26 Performance Data with HQ 4x4x3 prop on 3S Li-Po

Cobra CM-1806/26 Performance Data with HQ 5x3 prop on 3S Li-Po

Cobra CM-1806/26 Performance Data with HQ 5x4 prop on 3S Li-Po

Performance Graph Instructions

This downloadable PDF file shows the step by step process to use for interpreting the data shown in the Motor Performance Graphs. By following this procedure, you can determine how to select a proper motor for a Multirotor aircraft, as well as calculate required power levels, determine overall prop efficiency and calculate expected flight times based on the battery size that is used. This document can be printed out and saved as a valuable reference tool to keep in your workshop for future use as well.

Motor Performance Graph Instructions

*Please observe the motor specifications properly. This will determine the correct size ESC required for proper operation*

*Motors do not come with replacement parts!

*Motors that have failed\burned running on an incorrect ESC size will void warranty*

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