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Aomway Commander V1 Diversity FPV Goggles

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Quick Overview

The Commander V1 FPV Goggles are packed full of features like built in 40CH 5.8GHz diversity receivers, HDMI input and more.
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The Aomway Commander V1 FPV Goggles are great all-round FPV goggles. The Commander Goggles are ergonomically designed to comfortably fit on your face and give an immersive FPV experience. These Commanders are packed full of features like built in 40CH 5.8GHz diversity receivers, HDMI input and more. The headset has a high resolution 854×480(WVGA LCD display that is LED backlit for a crystal clear viewing experience. They include two antennas for the receivers, 1 high gain patch antenna and an omni clover antenna. (Headset battery not included)



  • FOV: 32°
  • Lens: Glass optics (binocular)
  • 854×480(WVGA)LCD display, LED backlight

3D function:

  • Side/Side 3D

Interpupillary Distance:

  • Adjustable 59-69mm

Audio Output:

  • Stereo


  • Brightness / contrast / channel selection / display mode 

Video Format:

  • NTSC / PAL auto switch

HD Input:

  • Support 720p,C-type HDMI port

Built-in Receiver:

  • Dual 40CH high-sensitivity diversity RF module,
  • Auto switch to strong signal antenna
  • Channel display on screen

Auto Scan:

  • One key starts auto search the channel of strongest signal

Working Voltage Range:

  • DC 7-18V (2S-4S), OSD display voltage status


  • DC in: standard 5.5*2.1 (inner positive outer negative)
  • AV in: 3.5mm four-pole AV jack port
  • Audio: 3.5mm three-pole earphone jack port
  • TF card slot for recording

Working Environment:

  • 0 – 55°C

Unit Weight:

  • 172g

Package Size:

  • 230*165*77mm


  • 1x Aomway Commander V1 5.8G 40CH 2D 3D FPV Goggles
  • 2x Antenna (Clover and Patch style)
  • 1x AV Cable
  • 1x Filter Rectifier
  • 1x Elastic Band
  • 1x Shading Sponge 
  • 1x User Manual


Additional Information

SKU 7390
Manufacturer Aomway
  1. Absolutely great for the money review by Joseph R. on 6/23/2017

    These are really good goggles, very comparable to fatshark dominator v3 in terms of raw features (even the 16:9 aspect ratio) and overall brilliance. More or less both sets of goggles have the same set of features. But I think these goggles have some key advantages over the fatshark dominators.

    First and foremost they come with a diversity module that is really really good. Its not the best mind you, but it is really really good.

    Secondly they don't come with a fatshark battery, I say this only half joking, this allows aomway to ship this wherever without worrying about rules about lithium battery shipping. To counter this lack of a battery a brilliant compromise is made. A cable that will accept a 2 - 4s balance lead and terminates in a barrel plug. I bet you have a ton of batteries you barely use that can be repurposed for this. If not creating your own battery pack out of 18650 Li Ion batteries is fairly cheap and there are numerous guides on the interwebs to do this.

    Lots of display modes, 16:9, 4:3. and 3D are all supported. This is something that I think is absolutely great. They naively are 16:9 so that is going to look the best, but if you don't want your image stretched, you can select 4:3, get some black space at the edges and have a non-distorted image.

    Finally these things are almost silly at how light they are. Weight really matters on something that rests on your face.

    Some of the bad.

    They don't remember the last mode they displayed in, so if you set yours to anything other than the 16:9 RF setting, you'll be changing that every time you power on.

    The lettering around the buttons is kinda cheap, and will wear off over time in addition the joystick toggles do not feel like they are rugged enough, I expect them to break over time.

    Since these cost roughly the same as the fatshark dominator v3 that is the easy comparison to make and IMO these win that battle, they are lighter and come with diversity. I make the argument the lack of a battery isn't a huge deal as they are packaged with a solution that you can probably solve with lipo's you have lying around, and if you can't building your own pack based on 18650 batteries isn't hard and should only run you around 20 dollars.

    In short I find much better value to get goggles with diversity built in with no battery than goggles with a battery but no receiver module.

    Attitude v4's i don't think compare favorably to these unless you are really stuck on getting 4:3 aspect ratio goggles. Attitude v4's lack diversity and may lack a battery depending on where you choose to buy from. In addition the module bay on that is not the same size as the ones in the Dominators and HD's, so module support may be spotty.

    I'd be happier with these if aomway included some kind of a battery holder for 18650's as well. Also if they were native 4:3 so Runcam Swifts and HS1177 would work natively without any stretching or loss of area on the display.

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