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3D FPV Cam The BlackBird 2 3D Camera

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Quick Overview

Advanced FPV Stereo Camera
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3D FPV camera The BlackBird 2 is a high-quality and technologically advanced flight stereo camera for flying from first person view (FPV)! The camera generates the stereoscopic analog video in real time using the powerful FPGA chip. The video, which formed The BlackBird 2 has a clear and vivid picture, as it incorporates high-quality video sensor of the company Aptina that allows you to get maximum pleasure from using The BlackBird 2!

The stereo camera The BlackBird 2 is recommended to use as a flight camera on a radio controlled model quadrocopter, cars, aircraft, etc. Also you can use it in your surveillance system!

Learn more about how Stereo FPV Cameras work with your Goggles, and 3D VR Headsets here!

Download the 3D Printable Case and Mount for The BlackBird 2.



  • Wireless video transmission in 3D with a single video transmitter (single video channel).
  • Video 3D SIDE BY SIDE – a very popular 3D video format supported by many devices: 3D video glasses, 3D TVs, etc.
  • Video 3D SIDE BY SIDE CROP 16:9 – special 3D video format for 3D FPV headset type Oculus Rift or other hats built on a single display.
  • Video 3D SIDE BY SIDE CROP manual is a manual setting CROP mode.
  • 3D INTERLACE video – comfortable 3D video format to work with third-party OSD modules.
  • 2D videomode.
  • Dual-channel 3D video mode - allows you to obtain the best stereo image.
  • Plugins
  • The voltage from 5 to 15Volts and up to 150mA consumption.

Additional Information

SKU 4275
Manufacturer FPV 3D Cam
  1. Better than expected! review by VRS Varmint on 8/5/2016

    I bought one of these several months ago to use on a ground rover and was quite surprised at how immersive it was. While I expected it to be better than 2D, I wasn't prepared for the actual quality of the video signal. I expected there to be some kind of loss of quality due to the mechanics of splitting the image, but it was just as clear as any quality CMOS camera I have used before.

    I was so impressed that I am considering buying another one for a long range FPV aircraft.

  2. The best 3D camera for our drone review by Pierre on 6/27/2016

    0 latency and the possibility to fly in real 3D ! I bought 1 and 3 months later a second one. The images are great and the 3d effect is the best immersive experience I ever made.
    I highly recommend the BlackBird 2 for every drone-pilot !

  3. 3D will bring your flights to a whole new level. review by SeekND on 6/7/2016

    Before this 3D camera (my first) I thought 3D was more of a gimmick rather then something that can be used more then just once.

    Oh boy was I wrong!
    When you get everything setup in your quad and you are able to see the environment around you in a whole new way.

    The 3D makes everything pop out and it feels you can (and you can indeed) go into every small little whole in the deep forest.

    Having never once tried any proximity inside of trees on my first go with this camera I was climbing around and INSIDE trees like there was no tomorrow without an ounce of fear that my quad would get stuck in a tree top.
    In fact, I got so brave that I ended up coming out on top of a huge forest after "climbing" trees higher then 20 meters. Luckily I managed to find a tight hole to come back down but the experience and immersion is unexplained. You have full control over your quad and you are able to go through places you'd never consider before.

    You will require a fairly wide front quad to mount the camera but I was able to do it easily with a ZMR 250 frame and 5" blades with more then enough space to clear the camera.

    If you have a pair of 3D goggles (Fatshark DomHD or V3 or even a goggle cardboard) that you can connect to your laptop

  4. perfect camera review by Joeri on 4/11/2016

    Really like this camera it has all the features i need.
    - 3d
    - good quality
    - small
    - simple setting
    - good support ! :)

    Get the 3d printed housing and you're good to go.

    Planned to use it on a quadcopter but installed it on a rc car first, its great driving in 3d. You just see the corners so much better.

  5. Nice! review by leandro on 4/7/2016

    Usually I try to build everything myself but in this 3D project I bought a finished product and can really recommend it. It has a great 3D effect and the virtual reality is unbelievable. I actually had to sit down the first time I put the 3D glasses on. The manufacturer’s support is also very helpful and fast. I never had problems and if you have a question, Egor will answer extremely fast and efficient. it is very important to me to make this review, since it is a small company, that works with lifeblood, passion, conviction spirit and tries to push the maximum of creativity and inventiveness in their products.

  6. Incredible! review by sam on 3/8/2016

    It's really hard to put into words the difference you will feel when flying 3D FPV. I use it with a headplay type FPV headset in side by side mode but it works with pretty much any setup you can imagine.

    The picture is superb, the dynamic range is very good and the depth perception, even for relatively distant objects, is astonishing. I'm not a racer, I'm an FPV sightseer and this camera is the only one I fly with, everything else is just half the experience.
    This is honestly the best 200 bucks I have spent in this hobby.

  7. Best 3D camera for the money review by Daniel on 1/12/2016

    This is the newest 3D camera that blackbird has made, and also the best. The price might seem high until you look at other cameras and truly realize what it can do and the level of performance you get for your money, I have 3 of these and several of their previous 3D camera, as well as ones from Emr labs, and nerd cam. This one has the highest resolution of any in its price range, and that are plug and play, using only a single video transmitter, the camera will work with any of the new fatshark goggles, like the ATTV3, dominator HDv2, and dominator v3, it will even work with older fatsharks, but only in 2d if you want. I have this on my tbs discovery pro, on a 2m sail plane and I'm putting one on a racing quad as well.
    If you want to get into 3D Fpv and do it without a big cost outlay is is where to start, especially if you have a set of the new fatsharks I mentioned above already, the camera will plug right into your current system, just set the camera for the correct 3D coding to match your goggles, and enable 3D support on the goggles, a bit of fine tuning the image which most high end camera need anyway and your flying 3D
    And the bifference in what you will see cannot be described, it's truly amazing, the tree you are passing, you can now estimate depth, and distance it's like being there.
    You will love it

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