Skyzone SKY03 Rev 1.1 3D 5.8G Diversity FPV Goggle w/ DVR, Head Tracker

Skyzone SKY03 Rev 1.1 3D 5.8G Diversity FPV Goggle w/ DVR, Head Tracker

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Skyzone SKY03 Rev 1.1 3D 5.8G Diversity FPV Goggle w/ DVR, Head Tracker
The Sky03 Rev 1.1, the latest FPV goggles from Skyzone with built-in video diversity, front camera, and head-tracking.

About this product

Rev 1.1 aims to remedy the issue many users had with the fit of the faceplate. Skyzone has optimized its design to be better fitted to users noses and increased the face plate comfort.

Skyzone SKY03 3D fpv goggles are the upgraded version of the popular Skyzone SKY02 goggles. The SKY03 fpv goggles come with 48-channel diversity receiver with dual antenna, built-in camera, DVR function and head tracking function. The FOV (field of view) is up to 43 degrees.

The innovative embedded front-facing camera also lets you look around you with the touch of a button without needing to remove your goggles. Now you can launch and land your FPV aircraft LOS with ease, or take a quick look at your surroundings while on the ground.

The built-in video diversity offers 48 channels on the 5.8GHz band, compatible with many popular video transmitters such as Foxtech, DJI, Boscam and more. Now you can use 2 different types of antennas, such as an omnidirectional and a directional. Flying in a straight line long distance in the direction you're facing, or closer 360 all around you and the diversity will automatically choose the best reception.

The Skyzone FPV Goggles come with all the cables you'll need to get going and includes an embedded head-tracker. Power the goggles via an external battery, ~7-26v (2s or 3s batteries work great).


  • Up to 43-degree FOV
  • Diversity receiver module with Dual Antennas
  • With Heading Tracking functions
  • Built with front camera
  • Binocular Display, SVGA 800X600 resolution, binocular display
  • ISM 5.8GHz 48-channel diversity receiver
  • Multiple LED Light effect mode support
  • Support HDMI, DVR, AV IN/OUT
  • DVR with H264 encoding, 30fps, MOV


Binocular Display
FOV 43 degrees (Diagonal)
Resolution 800X600(SVGA), 1,440,000 color sub-pixels
Brightness 200cd/㎡
distance (IPD)
57.5 to 69.5mm Adjustable
3D Display Side-by-Side(half)
Wireless Receiver
ISM 5.8GHz 48 Channel, Diversity receiver.
Band CH 1 CH2 CH3 CH4 CH5 CH6 CH7 CH8
A 5865M 5845M 5825M 5805M 5785M 5765M 5745M 5725M
B 5733M 5752M 5771M 5790M 5809M 5828M 5847M 5866M
E 5705M 5685M 5665M 5645M 5885M 5905M 5925M 5945M
F 5740M 5760M 5780M 5800M 5820M 5840M 5860M 5880M
R 5658M 5695M 5732M 5769M 5806M 5843M 5880M 5917M
L 5362M 5399M 5436M 5473M 5510M 5547M 5584M 5621M
Sensitivity -90dBm±1dBm
Antenna port 2 X SMA,50ohm
Front Camera
FOV 60 degrees (Diagonal)
Resolution 640X480(VGA)
Focal length f=4.0mm
F/NO F/NO=2.8
Head Tracker Sensor 3-axis Accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope
Output PPM 8 channel, Optional 5-6CH,5-7CH,5-8CH,6-7CH,6-8CH,7-8CH
Micro SD Support to 128GB (UHS-I Interface, U1)
Compression H264, 30fps,MOV
Data rate 6Mbps
AV Signal
Video Standard NTSC/PAL
Video output level 1.0Vp-p Typ. / 75ohm
Audio output level 1.0Vp-p Typ. / 10Kohm
AV Port
AV OUT(3.5mm4P) Diversity receiver, Video, Audio output
EAR OUT(3.5mm3P) Stereo 16Ω/150mW
AV IN(3.5mm4P) Video, Audio input

HDMI 1.4 specification: 1920x1080p60, 1920x1080p50, 1920x1080i60, 

1920x1080i50,1280x720p60, 1280x720p50, 576p,

576i, 480p, 480i, PC Format(Not all)

Power Supply DC IN DC 7~26V/ 1A
Power Consumption 12V input: 5.8W (RF mode)
Dimensions 170(L)X83(W)X44(H)mm (Not include prominent part)
Weight 231g (Not include package box)
Operating Temperature 0℃~+60℃


  • 1x Skyzone SKY03 fpv goggle
  • 1x Carry case
  • 1x Futaba data cable
  • 1x JR data cable
  • 1x AV cable
  • 1x Power cable
  • 2x 5.8G 2dBi antenna

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