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Ready-To-Fly Quadcopter Drones and Parts

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Our selection of RTF's (Ready-To-Fly) drones are perfect for beginners and pros alike. RTFs come pre-built so there no soldering or assembling required. All you usually have to do is add a battery and a radio and you are ready to get into the air!

We have a wide selection of custom RTFs handbuilt and tuned in-house, as well as from other brands such as T-Motor and EMAX. Be sure to check out our micro drone RTFs here and check out our drone learning page for more detailed info on drones in general.

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  1. RTF Quadcopter Bundle

    RTF Quadcopter Bundle

    This bundle kit is setup so that you’ll be able to get into FPV without needing all the knowledge of knowing which parts and components are compatible with each other.

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