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  • Custom aluminum spacers with textured knurling for grip. Custom aluminum spacers with textured knurling for grip.

QAV-R FPV Racing Quadcopter (5")

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Quick Overview

The Lumenier Carbon Fiber QAV-R FPV Racing Quadcopter (5"). A rigid, light, and fast FPV racer with removable arms.
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Lumenier QAV-R

The Lumenier QAV-R FPV racing quadcopter airframe is a light weight, super stiff, finely tuned airframe designed for high performance FPV Drone Racing. The airframe implements 4mm thick removable arms and supports various arm sizes supporting 4", 5", and 6" propellers. Lumenier's QAV-R brand comprises a number of highly specialized components for the FPV Drone Racer. This newest version of the QAV-R features a stronger carbon fiber bottom plate and thicker 2mm top plate, giving you the best of both durability and performance.

The Lumenier QAV-R quad deploys and improves the removable center X arm position made popular in pro pilot circles by the Alien racing quad and further refines the popular center section of the Lumenier QAV210/180 with a number of key innovations. To enable extremely fast arm changeovers in race pit settings, the QAV-R frame implements custom developed, precision machined aluminum mounting hardware. This hardware allows a pilot to remove an arm by removing 3 screws from the bottom of the airframe without the need to worry about holding nuts or other hardware on the inside of the airframe. One 2mm Allen tool is all that is needed to completely remove an arm within seconds. The custom aluminum hardware also stiffens the frame core and eliminates the need for captive nuts that would have to be press fit into the Carbon Fiber. No structural connection is made between the arm fasteners and the power distribution board to avoid shorts during severe crashes. The bare QAV-R frame kit weighs only 106g (with PDB, but no other electronics or motors), significantly lighter than the competition.

The airframe comes with all Aluminum hardware. All screws are premium, black oxide steel. The long aluminum spacers are also anodized black and, for the first time, have a textured grip surface treatment, which facilitates holding of the spacers during assembly and servicing of the airframe.

Included with the QAV-R kit is the popular Lumenier 4Power power distribution board which can be fitted with an optional Pololu voltage drop-down circuit (to 12v or 5v), a XT60 pig-tail, and the silicone grommet holding method for the pig-tail introduced in the QAV210/180. Like the QAV210/180, the QAV-R kit enables mounting of small FPV camers such as the Lumenier CM-650 in a fully encased assembly which protects the FPV camera during crashes and enables pointing the FPV camera at a wide variety of viewing angles.

Also included are the new Lumenier Neoprene Landing Pads, which provide a simple, light-weight, crash-proof landing gear option, which also soften the airframe during touch downs.

Lumenier has a wide variety of accessories available for the QAV-R airframe. These accessories include a QuickSwap power distribution board, high quality carrying case, a super bright RGB LED board, vibration isolation HD camera mount, and more. 

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Size Versions

Each QAV-R FPV racing quad kit comes complete with 4 arms sized to support either 4", 5", or 6" propellers. The corresponding frame sizes are listed below, measured diagonally from motor shaft to motor shaft.


  • Full 3K Carbon Fiber airframe featuring a solid 2mm main plate and 4mm removable arms
  • Custom aluminum hardware to enable one tool, quick swapping of arms in race pit settings
  • Black Oxide steel screws
  • Easy grip anodized spacers
  • Lumenier Neoprene Landing Pads
  • Multiple motor mounting holes to fit a variety of motors (M3 and M2 screw mounting patterns).
  • "Bumpers" on the end of the arms to protect the motor during a crash, just like the QAV250.
  • Flight controller cover plate includes cutouts for SMA connector and video transmitter as well as a holder for the included XT-60 Lipo pig-tail.
  • Included Lumenier 4Power power distribution board and XT-60 Pig-Tail to power ESCs and FPV flight electronics. The PDB can optionally be outfitted with a Pololu 12v or 5v voltage step-down (Pololu board not included).
  • Easy Lipo Access (suggested Lipo is a 1300mah 3 or 4s)
  • Support for 32mm board cams as well as 26mm cams in cases such as the Lumenier CM-650.
  • Support to carry HD camera (such as the GoPro 4, Mobius, or GoPro Session) with optional camera vibration mount (not included)


  • Airframe: 99g (airframe + hardware), 106 (with PDB).
  • AUW: The QAV-R FPV Quadcopter is flown with an AUW of ~290g depending on motor choice (includes all flight electronics and FPV gear, but without Lipo or HD camera).

Optional Accessories

The QAV-R FPV Quadcopter does not exhibit any vibration in the on-board FPV camera signal. For pilots that wish to equip their airframe with a Mobius, GoPro or GoPro Session, Lumenier offers a vibration isolation camera mounting kit (sold separately).


  • 1x QAV-R Carbon Fiber airframe
  • 4x 4mm Carbon Fiber Arms
  • 1x Board camera mount
  • 1x 26mm camera mount
  • 1x Set of black steel screws and aluminum hardware including knurled spacers
  • 1x Lumenier 4Power Power distribution board + set of 6mm stand-offs
  • 1x XT-60 Pig-Tail and silicone grommet
  • 4x Neoprene Landing Pads
  • 1x Lumenier lipo strap


Download QAV-R logo artwork for your own video here.

Lumenier QAV-R FPV Quadcopter airframe Introduction

The Lumenier QAV-R FPV Quadcopter airframe flown by Skitzo

The Lumenier QAV-R FPV Quadcopter airframe flown by Tomz FPV

"Lumenier", "QAV-R" and "QAV" are registered trademarks of FPV Manuals LLC DBA Lumenier. Patents Pending.

Additional Information

SKU 4314
Manufacturer Lumenier
  1. Love my QAV-R but weak top plate review by joshua on 5/11/2017

    I love my QAV-R, everything fits nice, the carbon is good quality and finish and I have beat the snot out of my QAV-R.

    but with all that said I will say that I have broken 2 top plates and wish they would either beef up the top plate (it is weak just in front of the rear stand off support area) or offer a thicker top plate.

    so my advise is to go ahead and buy an extra top plate. I actually doubled up top plates and have not had a break since (fingers crossed...but not while flying LOL).

    the rest of the frame is awesome though.

  2. After one year of flying.... review by Levi on 3/24/2017

    So I purchased this frame when it first came out in 2016, about a year ago. Since then, I have abused, crashed, raced, and freestyled as hard as I could push it. I raced with this frame at the MultiGP regional qualifier and regional finals, and posted many videos of acro with this guy. After a year of flying, I finally broke 1 arm in a crash caused by a motor pulling out. A few days ago I finally cracked the bottom plate as well. I replaced both for less than $20, and she flies like new.

    This frame is well worth the higher cost, and as it turns out, is the best flying quad in my fleet. It is incredibly smooth, and if configured with the correct escs and motors, it is still very much capable of hanging with the X and stretched X frames at any level of race competition.

    Bravo Lumenier!

  3. No issues, loving every flight! review by Nik on 12/30/2016

    This X frame flies amazing, I've never had issues with the bottom plate and it is sturdy as can be. I would highly recommend this board to new pilots and it is nibble, durable, and looks amazing. Really like what you've done with the board here guys keep it up. My only downside is the price, but you get what you pay for. So I can't hold them accountable. Keep it up boys.

  4. Top! review by LORIS on 11/29/2016

    Very very good frame! I fly with this from one year ago and is lightweight and strong! Carbon quality is very high and have a good design!

  5. The Best review by Finn on 11/23/2016

    This is the best mini-quad frame out there, short of perhaps the Impulse RC Alien 5" (of which I don't have personal experience).

    The hardware is fantastic. The arms and body plates have held up well in multiple crashes, including fast hits on concrete, albeit there was a little chipping on the BRILLIANT little knobs on the ends of the arms (they take the hit, rather than just cracking the whole motor mount).

    To note, if you want to mount the TBS Powercube, you'll need a set of longer screws (M3 x 14, I think) and make sure they're not nylon! Mine broke rather quickly.

    I would also recommend getting a spare set of landing pads, as they are a little more brittle than you might expect, and can tear, especially on fast landings. A spare screw set would go a long way too, if you don't use LocTite.

  6. excellent and good quality frame review by voltiofpv on 11/20/2016

    excellent and good quality frame , the QAV-R going to be my frame

  7. Great frame, try not to crash though. review by Jacob on 10/30/2016

    I love the way this frame goes together and looks great! Flies great too, I thought my Qav210 flew great but this flies much better. Unfortunately I seem to break a bottom plate every couple weeks, they do not handle crashes very well hopefully the V2 bottom plates hold up better. Glad to see they dropped the price on bottom plates recently just make sure you order a few replacements!

  8. Flies great doesnt hold up review by Chris on 9/26/2016

    I had this frame for probably less than a month and it flies great I cant complain. But the top and bottom plates break super easy and it really sucks. Replacement parts for this unit are overpriced and the quality of the frame isnt that great for price I'm really disappointed.

  9. Flies fantastic but breaks easily review by Lucas on 5/26/2016

    I've had this frame for 2 months now and broke 3 bottom plates (old and new versions) and one top plate in the process. And no I'm not flying against brick walls, all these happened in normal crashes and falls, I'm considering myself a beginner in the hobby. The problem is a structural weak point right at the second row of standoffs. Apart from that, the FC mounting is not ideal, the available thread to screw in standoffs is too short to be really effective, so it happened to me quite often that the standoffs would get loose, no matter what I tried to secure them.

    As there are better frames out there that reportedly are more durable, and I consider this frame quite expensive, I give 3 stars.

  10. Awsome Race Quad review by Ricardo on 5/4/2016

    I bought this frame and I'm so happy i did it's everything they say it is, Light weight easy to assemble. I have 2204 motors,Naze32 rev6 with littlebee ESC Sony Fpv camera, Mini 5.8G 600mW 40-Channel all running with 4s lipo and my weight is 580G. This thing is a power house!!!!
    And to top it off you can buy all replacement parts with no problem super big plus for me.

  11. Good, agile frame, however weak bottom plate review by seattleite09 on 4/26/2016

    This is a good, agile frame, a step up in agility from the "big brother" QAV250. Lighter too. However, the bottom plate is much weaker than the QAV250 bottom plate. Mine shows a side-to-side crack after only two crashes. Whereas the "big brother" QAV250 saw many, much more serious crashes before its one and only bottom CF plate fracture and subsequent replacement. If there was one thing I would improve about this frame, that would be the strength of the top/bottom plates. Lumenier, I hope you read this...

    The top plate also has what appears to be a very weak point -- the antenna hole/mount. Mine is still intact, but I am convinced it's just a matter of time until it will get ripped apart in a moderate crash. In comparison, the QAV250 antenna holes are much farther into the plate (father away from the edge), making the plate a lot more resilient.

    That said, this is still a fantastic frame, and a pleasure to fly. Recommended.

  12. Really Sweet Frame! review by Michael Angelo on 3/30/2016

    I'm a Noob, and bought this frame for my very first build. Went together easily. The new 960 Fatshark camera fits perfectly in the camera area! Snug, but adjustable when needed. The TX antenna hole, and battery wire grommet are great. Although, I recommend getting an extension rg316 cable for the antenna hole. I hooked up the TX directly through the hole, and snapped it off the pc board on a tumble. I was able to solder a cable back on it and it works fine. All in all, I'm extremely happy with it!

  13. Great little frame review by Tom L. on 3/9/2016

    This frame has taken everything I have put it through, high speed into pine trees, red tip bushes, and cartwheels across the grass. She does have some scuffs, but no cracks or broken bones yet! (the blades on the other hand....RIP lol)
    Lumenier RX2206-11 2350Kv Motor
    HP 5x4x3
    Lumenier 30A BLHeli ESC

  14. Could not be more excited review by Levi on 2/23/2016

    Built my QAV-R yesterday, and I must say the build is super fun. They thought of everything, even putting perfectly placed holes for zip-ties to hold the video transmitter and receiver. The carbon fiber is incredible, a work of art. I flew it around yesterday for the initial tune, and before I changed a single setting in cleanflight it was flying really well. With pretty tame 2204, 2300kv motors it hovers near 30% and has such a climb out on 3s it is actually scary. I migrated from the QAV-250, and look forward to putting the QAV-R through it's paces. I race pretty regularly and can't wait to see how well she handles the courses. My all up weight minus the battery is 330g, so it is slightly heavier than other pure X frames, yet the fuselage is compact, well thought and something I really love, especially the camera mount and ability to easily handle a mobius cam right out of the box. Bravo.

  15. Great frame, great support review by UnderHover on 2/10/2016

    Bought this frame right when it was released. Was pleased to see all the goodies the frame comes with. The build was easy and everything was there. Cant go wrong with this frame. The support from GetFPV is top notch.

    Notice, since I did have a version 1 frame, it came with a bottom plate with cut outs in the front and rear of the frame, this was a weak spot and lead to cracking. Lumenier has correct this issue and has removed those cut outs.

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