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Propellers for FPV and Racing Drones

Choosing the optimal drone propellers for you can seem like a difficult task. Drone props vary in construction material and design. Some propellers are built to improve speed while others are geared toward stability and durability. We have a large selection of different drone propellers. Browse our different props today!

New to drone and FPV (First Person View)? Checkout our new All about Multirotor Drone FPV Propellers page.

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  1. HQProp 12x6x3 3-Blade Propeller (CCW)

    HQProp 12x6x3 3-Blade Propeller (CCW)

    A single CCW 3-blade propeller with a 6mm center hub from HQProp. The three large blades equal great performance on XClass racers or commercial drones needing large amounts of thrust.
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  2. APC 12x4.5MR

    APC 12x4.5MR

    APC MR series prop, specially designed for Multi-rotors.
  3. APC 12x4.7 SF

    APC 12x4.7 SF

    APC Slow Flyer Prop.

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