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Mini Quadcopter Frames for FPV and Racing Drones

Looking for a drone that may be a little bit smaller and lighter? Our mini multirotors are the perfect solution for you! Depending on your need, mini-drones range from tiny indoor models, safe for kids, to high-performance racing drones. Choose your mini quad rotors that would best fit your needs. We have several selections of mini drone rotors available. Whether you want a racing drone, one that is economical for aerial video and photography, or just for fun, GetFPV is the best place to get what you’re looking for.

New to drone and FPV (First Person View)? Checkout our new All About Multirotor Drone FPV Frames page.

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  1. Blade Nano QX BNF with SAFE® Technology

    Blade Nano QX BNF with SAFE® Technology

    The Blade Nano QX with SAFE Technology (Bind and Fly)
  2. Inductrix Main Frame

    Inductrix Main Frame

    A frame for the Inductrix.
  3. Micro FPV Quad Kit

    Micro FPV Quad Kit

    This bundle kit is setup so that you’ll be able to get into FPV without needing all the knowledge of knowing which parts and components are compatible with each other.

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    To: $194.91

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3 Item(s)